Friday, May 6, 2016

Dreft #Amazinghood

This post and giveaway was made possible
by iConnect and Dreft.  I was compensated for my participation 
in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

Having a baby has been a huge game changer for me in the
 laundry dept., I feel like I cannot
get one load completed fast enough before
 I have a whole new basket of dirty laundry! It is
a part-time job and I'm sure other parents know exactly
what I am talking about! 

Dreft believes that for many moms and dads, doing baby's laundry
 is more than just an ongoing chore-it serves as a way to relish in the
 amazing moments and stages of babyhood.  I love 
a clean load of baby clothes! I always take it in, and savour
the stage I am at with my baby because it goes so quickly!

Baby scent is a powerful driver of emotion and just a simple whiff of 
freshly -laundered clothes with baby detergent can bring back memories 
of the entire babyhood journey.  We are seven months in our journey
and I am super attached to certain little outfits and the memories that they evoke!
The very first week we brought home baby Max he wore the cutest
little summer outfits because it was so hot here! All of those newborn
clothes they grow out of so quickly, but I treasure those first few weeks!
I never want to forget this special time and Dreft is a part of that memory!

Dreft is partnering with popular reality TV couple Sean and Catherine Lowe
 from "The Bachelor" to celebrate their new role as expectant parents and 
share their beautiful, messy journey of "Amazinghood."  
Over the next year, everyone can share, in the Lowe's journey through
 #Amazinghood by following Dreft of Facebook, Twitter and
 Instagram where  Sean and Catherine will be sharing 
exclusive content and messy memories.  

I am super excited to also be hosting a Dreft Baby Shower Package Giveaway!
Give away includes: 
Dreft product (Newborn, Active Baby & Blissfuls)
                    Little Me Welcome To The World Bib & Burp Set
 Little Me Giraffe Gow
Gender Neutral Lovey
Enter below by May 15th! Good Luck!  

(Dreft products line includes Dreft Stage 1: Newborn, 
Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby, and Dreft Blissfuls) 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Steam Facial DIY

 I wanted to share a quick and easy diy steam facial that I do every week with you guys.
I shared in my last favorites post that I love to do steam facials with essential oils.
I have been doing them since I was a teenager! I know they make a big difference in my
overall skin appearance, with detoxification and the infusion of essential oils, it is so 
good for you! Here's some of my favorite products!

I always start with a good facial scrub like this Suraya Brasil 
Sapien Women Facial Scrub with Coconut bark 
and organic Burti. (It's on sale in the link!)
This line is made with Amazonian organic ingredients, 
and 100% natural exfoliants. 
It is 98.8% natural & helps remove  impurities.

Next I'll pour in some boiling hot water into a pretty bowl, 
add some drops of essential oil,
I try different oils depending on my mood and skin needs. 
 I also added some fresh lavender from my yard. sometimes I will
 add rose petals or lemon slices.
Use what you have! Herbs are great too, like mint or rosemary.

Place a towel over your head and lean into the steam for at least 10. 
Even if you only have 5 minutes,
you will notice a difference! But I steam from 10-15 minutes.

After the steam I will follow with a mask.  
It contains essential oils from the bark of the preciosa tree. 
I will add a few drops of my Organic Himalayan Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil
to the mask and leave on my face for 20 min.  
This oil contains more than 190 bio active nutrients.  You can use it
topically or add some drops to your tea or smoothie.  
It does have orange color to it so if you apply it to your skin, use at night
or with another product like a self tanner! I add a few drops to my sunless tanner (which is a
natural brand) and it gives the prettiest glow!

Follow up with your favorite moisturizer and your skin will feel amazing!

I like to make a calming, soothing experience out of my steam facial.  
So I will add soft music, a candle that smells amazing like 
 The candle comes in a beautiful pink glass container, 
it's just beautiful and aromatic! 
Check out their candles and treat yourself!
I also will add flowers around if I have them, 
just to add an natural,  pretty earthy element.

The essential oil I added in this steam was Aura Cacia 
Geranium is comforting, stress relieving, anti-bacterial, has skin healing
properties, helps heal scars and remove/fade spots, helps treat acne.

I also brought out my beautiful Rose Quartz stone & Love Stone 
that my beautiful blogger friend Jessica sent me from her online Etsy shop here.  She 
features natural earthy elements to beauty and
 well being, and a monthly box subscription! 
The stones are just another natural element, a reminder to think on love 
and feel the beautiful earthy energy. 

I think it's important to treat yourself and do special, easy diy touches
like this facial weekly. It will de-stress and detox you and leave you feeling
amazing! Try it out and let me know!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Luvs Diaper Coupons and Ibotta for Parents!

This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  
I was provided compensation to facilitate this post,
but as always, all opinions are 100% mine.

Hey parents! I wanted to let you all in on a great diaper deal coming up 
this weekend for Luvs!
The official diaper of experienced moms, Luvs is offering big savings 
in this Sunday's paper (May 1, 2016).  Get your scissors out because there
 will be a high-value coupon that could save you $2 on Luvs Diapers!
 It will be in the P&G insert section of the Sunday paper.

I'm a big fan of Luvs and have used
them with both kids so far!
With large stretch tabs, ultra-leakage protection, a money-back guarantee 
 and multiple high-value coupon offers, Luvs with Night-Lock provides 
high quality features for less cost than premium brands.

 Also, in partnership with Ibotta, Luvs is offering a limited-time $5 rebate on 
any boxed Luvs diapers 54ct box or larger.  
Stack those deals to save even more money!
Ibotta is an app that you can easily use on your phone to save $$!
Before you go shopping, you can unlock cash rewards by
 completing simple tasks.
You go shopping and buy the products you've unlocked 
at any supporting store.
You just scan the product barcode with your phone
and take a photo of your receipt.
You'll have the cash deposited into your account 
within 48hrs!
You can join by clicking my referral link here 
my refferral code is:  peugktf
You will get $10 for using my code! 
Cool! More savings and money for you!

Don't forget to check your Sunday paper for the Luvs coupon!


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Baby, Toddler & Mommy Favorites!

Hola!! I've been super excited to share some great products I've
been loving for the kids and I! We've been super busy working on
remodeling some of the house and I've needed products I can trust and depend on. 

First up is a product for me called HydroPeptide Lash
It is supposed to help give longer, fuller, lush lashes, yes please!
I have really long lashes, but ever since I've had the kids, they seem more sparse to me
so I love this product for giving my lashes life again. They just needed a little boost
and this has been great! You apply it at night to the lash and it has peptides in it that
boost the growth, safely and without parabens or phthalates. Love.

Next is The  Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe by Lavanilla.  
The scent is vanilla breeze and it smells more fresh and clean to me
than super sweet, which I love. 
Lavanilla uses no harsh chemicals for 100% healthy skin. 
Does it work? YES! I do apply it twice daily because, well I am a busy mom! 
I workout, I chase after a 3 year old, we are remodeling and after all that it has kept me
fresh and healthy!

Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF50
I cannot say enough how much I love this brand and it's take
on sunscreen.  I love how tropical it smells in a light refreshing way.
 It applies creamy, but dries to a matte finish and isn't greasy. It doesn't have a
super white cast and appear ghost-like! It does have a white application, but it
seems to disappear into the skin and look natural.
 You can find it at Target and well let's be honest, it isn't cheap.
At around $14 per bottle, it is on the higher end when you are standing there
comparing it to the other brands. But it is an all natural, chemical free sunscreen.
We buy so many expensive toys for our kids, but this right here
is where it is really counts! To give them chemical free products 
that absorb into their precious bodies! A must!
The Natural Beauty  Skincare Deck
This little box contains easy homemade recipes for 
happy and healthy skin.
There are 64 cards with natural remedies made by a specialist in 
natural skincare.  One of my favorites is
one for baby skincare; 
Pour 1 tbsp organic whole milk
 into baby's bath as a substitute for soap.
Massage baby with Sweet Almond oil or Olive oil. It improves baby's sleep,
eases digestive & respiratory problems, and brings baby security.

It has cards on essential oils and how to use them like a facial steam for mom!
Bring 3 cups water to boil, in bowl combine water 
5 drops of essential oil of your choice
 (jasmine, lavender, Roman chamomile)
 and add fresh thyme leaves. Cover
head with towel and steam for 10 min. 

There are so many great easy recipes for beauty and skincare that
anyone can benefit from these healthy, natural remedies.
You can buy it here  

Yes, Epsom salt makes the list again!  Dr. Teal's Relax & Relief 
with Eucalyptus Spearmint.  I can't live without my salt baths!
This one smells super amazing!
Most of us are deficient in this mineral and this is a good way 
to absorb some safely while relaxing and soothing the body and soul!

Conair Detangle Brush.
Oh my goodness this is amazing!! My daughter and I both have super tangly
hair and this takes them all out with no drama. I used to have to hear 
whining every time I combed Alaia's hair but now this brush takes care of the ouchies!
The bristles are super soft and move with the hair.  You can use 
it in the shower and apply conditioner and brush it thru too.  
You need this brush if you have tangles!

So Cozy Boo Shampoo
So this is an all natural brand of children's haircare that I love.
It's paraben, sulfate, phthalate & synthetic free.
Story: Back in February, we took Alaia to an indoor play gym
fast forward 3 days and she had lice! I almost died!
I was sooo groced out and never thought we would ever
have to deal with it, but let me tell you, if you've
ever had a kid with lice you feel my pain!
Anyway, we did a whole natural treatment
on her head and removed them, what a pain! (Let me know
if you want more info on treatment!)
This particular line is supposed to keep the jerks off of 
kids hair because they don't like the tea tree and peppermint oil.
So whenever she will be around a lot of other children we use this line.
It comes with a shampoo, conditioner and detangler. All of which,
I highly recommend because you can't control an outbreak, it's bound
to happen at school or a daycare! eeek! Hopefully we never go thru that
again!  Thank you So Cozy!

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Multipurpose Ointment
This stuff is so great, I use it for  everything!
Baby rash, dry skin, I rub it on baby's hand and feet and massage!
It's petroleum, paraben free. I trust this brand and love
the baby smell!

Shea Moisture Olive & Green Tea Bubble Bath
So Alaia and I both like bubble baths! The sneaky trick I use is,
I will empty a cute Frozen Olaf bubble bath container and fill it with this stuff!
Then she gets really excited to use Olaf bubbles and I have peace of mind that 
there is all natural product in  her bath with no chemicals as most kids' bubble baths have in them
unfortunately. This stuff smells great, gives great bubbles and softens skin. Check mark!

Target Up and Up brand Kids' Vitamin C Gummies
with Zinc + Echinacea
We all take these! It is just an easy way to help
our immune system stay boosted. My daughter just takes
one and we take two. This is in addition to her multi-vitamins.

Lastly, is my favorite natural cleaning spray ever! 
Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner
in Peony scent. I mean, amaaazing! It smells so good I almost want
to wear it as a perfume! Just light and fresh!
I like to use this on my daughter's little table that she eats and plays on.
So there are no chemicals and I know she is safe. I use it on toys and our counters.
Trust me, you need this!

That's it for this month! Please share your favorites and link below!
xoxo - Taj

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Loving: C. Booth

I wanted to share a brand I am really loving, C. Booth. Their products are 
paraben and sulfate free.  They are free of petroleum and mineral oil. 
I'm excited about their healthy, natural ingredients that smell amazing 
at an affordable price! 
First up is the Sea Salt body scrub.  It has Eucalyptus Leaf Oil,
it is a purifier, smoother and helps improve 
circulation and keep skin soft. Love the soothing blue color too!

The Walnut Shell Body Scrub & Cleanser smells so heavenly! 
It's non-abrasive with Rose Hip, Balm Mint, and Kola Nut. 
This is my favorite!

Peppermint Vanilla Body Lotion has a light, refreshing scent.
It has Glycolic Acid to renew skin and is super moisturizing.

Check out this brand for yourself and see how wonderful it is for you!
Most important, as always, it is healthy and natural! 
xoxo -Taj

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring Dresses - Prom, Bridal, Party!

Prom and wedding season is here and so are the beautiful dresses!
There is no shortage of gorgeous dresses in this post so take a peek at 
some of my favorite picks for this Spring.  
All of these dresses are from and they are  designer inspired
and all of them are affordable!

This blush, lace number is so elegant and pretty. This would
be so gorgeous for a wedding!

The jewels on this dress are amazing! 
I can see this beauty stealing the show at a prom. It is sexy without
being too revealing, just elegant and stylish.

This minty and lace tulle dress says prom to me!
It is a Spring dream in this hue! I can see
the hair pulled up in a pretty updo and some really stunning
sparkly earrings. Perfection!

I want to wear this right now! Some gold gets me every time!
I love this because you can wear this to 
so many events or even a date!

This dress is like a princess in a bottle! Sparkle and shine! 
I just want to frame it and hang it in my living room, 
it is so delicious and glam!

I love this little number for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.
I love it for prom with some sparkly shoes. I love it for a party 
or baby shower.
It's the season to wear white and look like a 
dream and this dress is all of
those things!

There are so many amazing dresses over at
so if you are in need of a Short Prom dress, a long formal dress, 
or a bridal dress, they have exactly what you need!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Hi  Lovers! 
I've been trying to get this up for ages! We are in the middle of a big project and
I have been so swamped lately, but I have to share my favorites lately.  These are my
January/February favs so far that I have been loving.

John Freida Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse
My hair has been so limp and dreadful this winter and I've added
this mousse to my hair to add some oompfh to it and it has given me life!
 It gives my hair, which is on the finer side, volume and lift so to speak. Love.

Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt Soothe & Sleep w/Lavendar
You guys know I love me some epsom salts! This one is just heaven in a bag!
Just go out and get some, pour a glass of some bubbly, run a bath and dip into this, you will
thank me later!

Manuka Doctor Illusionist Rapid Lift Mask
I just love the way my skin feels plumped up and revived.  
This is made with natural ingredients, and purified bee venom (bee friendly harvested!)
I'm hoping to try out some of the other items from this line, as I really like it.

Yes that is a showerhead! This is the new Delta Dove H2O Kinetic 5 spray showerhead 
from Lowe's.  It has H20kinetic Technology which basically creates a unique wave pattern spray 
that gives the feeling of more water for a fabulous shower. 
We all should think about conserving water and this is a great place to start!
 It feels wonderful and anyone can easily install it in minutes (this is my 2nd one for my guest bathroom!) and it costs around $34!

Okay, these socks are my obsession! They are so soft, so comfy, so warm!
I have back-ups to my back-ups just in case I can't find them anymore at the drugstore!
They are the No Nonsense brand and are only a few dollars for super quality socks. I have 
been in love with these for a few months now and I believe their spring selection is out now, so
do check them out if you love cozy socks like me!

Fake Bake Shimmer Instant Tan Lotion
I love this for my legs, arms and chest. It has a light vanilla scent and applies 
without being streaky or sticky, which I cannot stand! 
This product uses natural ingredients & is paraben free (yay!)  It is perfect
for looking bronze and glowing on the everyday and washes off. Easy glamour as I like to call it!

Lavanilla The Healthy Body Butter in Pure Vanilla
Oh heavens this smells so good! It is 
a healthy, 100% natural lotion, with Shea and Cocoa butters.  
 The vanilla scent isn't sweet like a teenager smell, it's
rich and sultry.  I keep this by my bed and use it on my hands, 
arms and feet every night. 
I love this whole line, the scrub is amazing too. 

Color Free LivFree Dental Gel
This is a new one for me! It is a  gel-like toothpaste, with all natural ingredients.
It is supposed to be 2.5 times more effective than regular toothpaste.  It took
a little getting used to at first since it is a gel texture, but I love how fresh it is
and it really leaves my teeth feeling clean. If you are looking for a natural, effective
toothpaste, this is one to try.

MD Complete Non-Irritating Pro Peel
This is a 5 minutes or less peel.  It is a five day treatment,
that clears up skin, and refreshes it.  I really love the ease of this
product and the results after only a few minutes!

Lippie love:
Sum Bum Coconut Sunscreen lip balm spf 30
It's tastes & smells heavenly and works wonders on my runs and hikes.

Gosling's Original Chop Saver Lip Care
This is all natural, smells and feels amaaz!
You can find it at CVS for a steal! Love. 

Rimmel Scandaleyes Xtreme Volume & Length Mascara in Black
I'm soooo picky with mascaras and I really have been loving this one.
It applies great, doesn't clump or look spider-leggy and really pumps up and lengthens
the lashes.  This is a steal for the price of a few dollars and my go-to mascara for now.

The Amazing Trio Barely Grass/Wheat Grass/ Alfalfa
I add this to our smoothies and I can't say enough about how good it is for your soul!
It tastes good with fruit smoothies and I mix it with my Orgain protein powders.
It's organic, Alkalizing, raw plant based, Vegan and Gluten free.  I add
this to my 3 year old's smoothies and she never even knows!

Tea is my life so here are two of my favorites I have been loving.
I am obsessed with minty teas right now and drink them at night before I go to be.
The two I have on rotate are the St. Dalfour Organic Peppermint Tea & Tazo Refresh Mint. Oooh soo good!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hi Loves!
I wanted to share a great campaign to inspire young women and teenage girls to celebrate
the gift of their #InnerBeauty.
Actress Jenn Gotzon is behind the effort to encourage young girls
to give the gift of love to themselves! 
Here are some ideas of what girls can do:
1. Write it down! Focus on a word that you want to 
be like #Authentic #Noble #Honest #Gracious

2. Add the hashtag #InnerBeauty and tag @JennGOTZON
3.  Post on Instagram with what you are focusing on.

4. Tag your best friend & challenge them to do the same #InnerBeauty
Jenn hopes that this call to action will encourage girls to feel better about themselves
and shift their focus from the "mean girls" to their own "InnerBeauty"' instead.

Let's take the challenge girls!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Spring Scent: Capri by Vince Camuto

Spring is all I can think about right now and this perfume is my favorite new scent!
Capri by Vince Camuto
The gorgeous jewel like bottle sits on my bathroom vanity & I can't get enough!
It has a citrus, light floral smell from the heavens!
With peach blossom, violet flower, juicy pear, pink grapefruit, musk and vanilla to speak to all my senses!
Trust me you will love it! 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Lipstick: Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick

New Lipstick! Avon's True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick.
If you are loving the shine-free lip trend, this lipstick has you covered
with a matte finish.  It isn't drying and doesn't cake or crack. 
It applies velvety and is super pigmented. It has a light sweet scent to it that
I barely noticed. As for longevity, it did wear for several hours without feeling dry or
feathering. It comes in 12 shades for $9. (These are on sale right now for $5.99 here!)

Swatches from L to R : Ravishing Rose, Superb Wine, Hot Plum, Wild Cherry, Coral Fever

The Packaging is super chic and glam! Overall, a great new matte lipstick
that doesn't dry out the lips and look hideous after a few hours!
Check them out at 

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