Friday, July 3, 2015

My Pledge to Make Life #BetterForBaby with Pampers & Giveaway!

Disclaimer: This is part of a sponsored collaboration withDiMe Media and Pampers.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a mom has definitely opened my heart to ways of love and care that I never even knew existed!
 I love children, and I have even more of a heart for them after knowing my little angel Alaia. 
I'm so excited to be a part of Pampers #BetterForBaby where we can all pledge a 
simple way to make life better for the babies in our lives.  
Pampers believes that babies bring out the best in all of us. 
 That's why there's nothing each of us wouldn't do to make life #BetterForBaby. 

My pledge is to maintain healthy eating habits for my family.  
It's so important to eat healthy food choices everyday not only to feel good, 
but to make sure baby girl is getting the best nutrition I can give her! 
I try to read ingredients on everything I buy and make wise choices for her so she can 
be healthy and strong! I really feel that it is a gift to give my daughter fresh fruits, 
veggies and as much organic choices as I can each day. Her little smile has made me 
want to put forth the effort to make this change! 

Pampers has unveiled a new video - The Pampers Better for Baby video- to celebrate the many ways babies bring out the best in all of us.  It is such a sweet video! Check it out here:

The video ends with a pledge: “together we can make life #betterforbaby.” Pampers hopes the video inspires people to share what they already do – and what they might begin doing – to make life better for the babies in their lives. Pampers is inviting people to share their pledges using hashtag #betterforbaby. We believe these small changes can add up to a big impact.

I have an amazing giveaway to host with Pampers that you won't want to miss!

Pampers Swaddlers and Wipes  
Grace & Lace Spring Floral Scarf (A portion of every sale goes towards building orphanages in India)- $20
Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System (Makes healthy, homemade baby food in minutes.) - $60
Thinkbaby THINKSTER Straw Bottle (All Thinkbaby products are recyclable,  convertible to the next stage of drinking, and free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, and PET.) - $10

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Find out more about Pampers here:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pregnancy Favorites

Happy July! I wanted to share some of my pregnancy favorites so far.
My first trimester was rough, I was terribly sick most of the time with 
nausea and fatigue. I wish I was one of those people who have an easy breezy 
pregnancy and everything is peaches! But, for me, I really was thankful for 
my ipad and being able to watch youtube, etc. since all I felt like doing was laying down! 
And with a 2 year old that is no easy feat!! I'm just glad that rough patch is over now 
and I'm feeling like myself again. So a few things that I have
been loving are here and I will probably do one every month. 
I'm 26 weeks and getting bigger every week! I'm super into nesting and I organize,
 decorate and declutter all the time! Anyway, let me get to the favs already!

First is my water bottle with diffuser to which I add fruit and mint, cucumbers, 
anything to make my water taste refreshing.
 I haven't been able to drink water on its own, it makes me sick
so this has helped a lot. 

Shea Moisture  Body Lotion w/Frankincense and Myrrh
This stuff smells amazing! I love this brand anyway, so when I was looking 
for a natural, organic product for my skin, I was really happy to find this. It's 
super moisturizing and it absorbs quickly. I slather on right before bed and the smell
is so relaxing!

Epsom Salt
I use this in my bath once or twice a week. Epsom salt has many 
benefits to your health and one of them, that is safe during pregnancy is 
that it detoxifies thru your skin, pulling any toxins out. 
It also reduces inflammation and helps with soothing swollen feet. 
Of course, talk to your own doctor if you are pregnant as every pregnancy is different! 

The next two products are from the line Belli which was formulated with
pregnant women in mind.  They are free of yuckies and safe for mom and baby.
They are actually ob/gyn recommended! I have tried several products,
 but my two favorites are the Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator.
It has vitamin c, grape seed and chamomile to name
a few ingredients. I use this every night along with 
the Belli Eye Brightening Cream which has 
vitamin k and is very moisturizing. 
I've been using both of these during 
my whole pregnancy and love them! 

I've also been using a Sonic Care toothbrush because my gums were
getting super tender and I was afraid of getting pregnancy gingivitis which
is very common. But this has helped keep my teeth and gums super healthy.
I can't imagine ever going back to a regular toothbrush! We got ours at
Costco, they have great deals on them if you are interested.

Last beauty item is the Organic Skincare Doctor Virgin Olive Oil 
Face Scrub. I use this in the bath at night a few times a week. It has all
natural ingredients and leaves my skin really soft and moisturized. 
This isn't a scrub for removing makeup, it's more of a clean face, then
scrub treatment. I feel like my skin has gotten a little oilier
with this pregnancy and this helps leave it deep clean but still
really soft and moisturized. It has so many amazing ingredients in it
and I have been really impressed with their products I've tried.
These KIND Maple Pumpkin Seeds with sea salt bars have
been so good when I'm on the go and need something to help
with my stomach or give me some energy. They taste delish and 
have 18g of whole grains per bar. 

Lastly are these silver Sam and Libby birkenstock style shoes
from Target. I said never in a million years! Would you catch me 
in those style of shoes! But, they are super comfy during pregnancy
and I love the silver which glams them up! They actually look
cute with shorts! Never say never!! 

That's it for now, hope if you are pregnant you will share your 
favorites with me!
Xo -Taj

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ombre Nails with New Sally Hansen Collection

I'm always drawn to sparkles and this new Sally Hansen collection of
sparkly Insta-Ombre nail polish is too fab to pass up!
I did two different looks that take only minutes for insta-glam nails!
 I was really impressed with the quality of glitter that applies with each stroke.
Many brands have glitter in them but you have to apply so much product that it gets
goopy and thick. Not this polish, even if you don't do an ombre look these
are great for the sparkly nail lover!

{Layer on Lilac, Copper Cap, Grey-diant, Gold Grade}

{I used Gold Grade for both looks. I just painted an exaggerated
tip for the first one and added a clear top coat}
{For the ombre look I did a light coat over the entire nail & then
applied several coats near the tip}

I also tried out the new Pearl Crush Collection which is a pretty pastel sheer polish.
This collection doesn't give as much sparkly coverage as I
would have liked with the confetti that is inside.
But it is still a pretty array of light pastel shades for a pretty pearly nail look.
{Lady Crab, Oy-ster it up!, Silver Scallop, Rainbow Fish}

XO- Taj

Saturday, June 20, 2015

DIY Ombre Baskets

I was looking for some summery baskets and I couldn't find any that I loved that were reasonably
priced.  So I rounded up some baskets I had around the house and decided to make my
own ombre baskets. It's so easy and fun you will get addicted!

I used acrylic paints and a sponge brush and just mixed my colors with white paint and water
to get my variations.

I started with the darkest color on bottom and just worked my way around the basket.

So easy and it updates any baskets! Hope you will give it a try with your favorite colors! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dear Dad, we love you! A great Dad is a great gift in itself, so I have a few great
items to share that won't break the bank and will keep Dad smelling great!

James Bond 007 Ocean Royal eau de toilette-
A sea breeze, lime and aniseed opening note and cedar, sandalwood and Jamaican coffee round
out the base!  Smells fresh and sexy!

James Bond 007 Signature eau de toilette-
Opens with lavendar mixed with moss, coumarin and crisp apple, then sandalwood emerges as
 a full-bodied base. Smells rich and expensive!
Available at 

Jack Black Travel Essentials
This set comes with a great mix of necessities: Daily Facial Cleanser with aloe and sage leaf,
Double Header Shampoo & Conditioner with coconut oil and kelp extract,
Face Moisturizer W/Spf 20 and blue algae extract
Hair gel with grapefruit and ginger- all amazing ingredients for men!
Available at

L'Occitane Cedrat eau de toilette
This collection just launched on June 8! It has a light citrus scent that is perfect for summer and
feeling refreshed.

L'Occitane Cedrat Pure Cleanser
Formulated with organic Corsican Cedrat, it helps with shine and leaves skin lightly exfoliated.
Available at

Father's Day Gifts

This Father's Day my husband is super excited since we will soon have a new addition to our family
and he wants a boy real bad! One thing that I always love to give my husband is a special scent. Every scent takes us back to moments and spaces in time as soon as we smell them. So with this being such a special time for us, I want to give him a special scent to remember! Here are a few delicious scents I can recommend!

Invictus by Paco Rabanne
First of all this bottle is gorgeous! It's like giving a trophy to your man!
It has grapefruit, sea notes, mandarin orange, bay leaf and jasmine.  It smells
like a million bucks, and super delicious!

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani
This will always be my all time favorite! It's classic, cool, sexy! Every Dad
needs this in his collection.
It has citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine and woodiness. Divine!

Prada Luna Rossa Extreme
This is a unique scent for the fragrance lover, with bergamot, black pepper, juniper
berries, lavender and labdanum. It has a leathery, earthy, and citrus smell. Very manly!

You can find all of these scrumptious scents and more at and they
are 20% off with free shipping! Be sure to hook Dad up with a special scent!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We're Expecting!!

We're expecting! I wanted to share with you this special time in my life!
 I am five months pregnant and due in October! I am so excited to welcome a 
sibling to my little angel Alaia. 
Being a mother has been one of my greatest joys in life. 
So I am just enjoying being pregnant and preparing for our new
little angel! It is such a blessing to feel those little flutters in my 
belly and I can hardly wait to see that face!  -Hugs -Taj

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mini Costco Haul & Fav Smoothie Must Have's

I thought it would be fun to share my recent Costco haul since I love seeing 
what other goodies people find! 
We just got a few things this time so it won't be a super long post. 

First is organic kale for our smoothies. We freeze this bag and just add it frozen 
to the Vitamix.  Mangos, bananas, Boom Chick Pop Caramel & Cheddar Popcorn & 
Morning Star Organic Quinoa & Sweet Potato patties. I've never tried these so I'm 
excited to make burgers this weekend! The chipotle black bean burgers Costco 
carries are my favorite and they just went on sale this week, so you should 
try them if you haven't ever, they are so delicious!

Orgain Organic Protein Powder, Kiwis (love these!)

Back to Nature Organic animal crackers and chocolate chip cookies. 
Great little snacks on the go for my 2 year old! Organic Rice Medley by Sunwest. 
And a huge Saigon Cinnamon for smoothies. That's it this trip!

Now for my favorite smoothie ingredients! These are in addition to fruits and 
veggies that we add. These two protein powders are always in rotation 
and are great: Orgain and Trader Joe's vanilla soy Protein powder. 

Nature's Harvest pitted dates, add some sweetness and fiber, Kirkland 
Organic Coconut oil, is so good for you!

Nutiva Organic Black Chia seeds, Good Grains Flax seeds.

Cinnamon has great benefits to your body, it tastes great, so
we always add it to most smoothies! 

These are just a few ingredients we add in addition to kale, bananas, blueberries, 
orange juice etc.
If you would like some recipes let me know! 
Xo- Taj

Friday, June 12, 2015

NYC Expert Last Lipstick: First Impressions

I don't know about you, but I'm always a little more bold with my lip colors in the summer.
A bright lip just goes hand in hand with summer and a nice golden tan!
These NYC Expert Last Lipsticks are an easy way pump up the glam!
The colors are so vibrant and go on smooth and creamy.
The lightest shade, Smooth Beige 448 actually surprised me.
I thought it would be drab on me, but I ended up liking it a lot.
It has this pretty natural shimmer to it, with a little pink undertone.
Perfect for a natural look or a smokey eye.

Pure Coral 450 is super gorgeous on, I think it is my favorite out of the bunch.
These all go on very pigmented and have a satin matte finish.
They are very moisturizing feeling and not at all dry and the lasting power seems
normal for a lipstick. They have a light sweet scent when you first put them on,
but it's barely noticeable.  Overall, I'm loving these so far!
 They are a great inexpensive way to add some glam to your summer look.
 {Pure Coral 450, Red Suede 452, Velvety Fuchsia 451, Creamy Mauve 449, Smooth Beige 448}

XO -Taj

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

May Favorites

Hope you are having a great week so far! Here are my favorites for May!
The first thing is from Lumene Time Freeze Ultra Firm Elixir.
It reminds me of a serum and feels really smooth on before makeup. It is a
peptide compound with Wild Artic Ligonberry. It is supposed to reduce
appearance of pores and wrinkles, support skin's own collagen and elastin
synthesis for firmer skin and protect against environmental aggressors. It
has no parabens, mineral oil, etc. Overall, I love it, it smells light and isn't
sticky but seeps into my skin right away and I feel like my pores are reduced.

Next is Oil Essentials Neroli & Avocado Oil
I can't get enough of oils. I've been using them for years and I know
they make a huge difference to the skin. I've been loving this line and have
several oils from them, but this one is one of my favorites because
I love avocado! You can really use this for anything, face, hair, add to lotion
for skin, to the bath, to a salt scrub. It's amazing! I feel so refreshed and glowing
after I use this oil. The scent is very light. You will love!

I've been loving two lip products, the first is a Perfecting Gloss from HydroPeptide.
It's a lip enhancing treatment. A plumping peptide stimulates collagen
to give lips a boost of fullness without any injections! Yay! This color is Beach
Blush and is a pretty summer color. It leaves my lips super shiny
and soft with a little fullness!

The other lip product is from Milani in Nude Creme. It's such a pretty nude
pink color, perfect for pairing with a smokey eye. It's so
smooth and creamy, it just feels like a high-end lipstick. Love!

My favorite find this month is from Clinique, Beyond
Perfecting Foundation & Concealer. I'm so excited about this foundation!
It's amazing! You need this! I am always looking for a great makeup
and I feel like this has hit the nail on the head. It's got medium to full
coverage, it isn't greasy or cakey. It doesn't settle into wrinkles or fine
lines. It lasts all day, and looks flawless. I have combination skin
and think this would work for any skin type. My new holy grail makeup!

This thermal brush from Fromm the 1907, is the perfect blow-out brush.
This is the large square brush and does such a great job of keeping my
hair sleek whether I want a straight, wavy or curly look. My hair never gets
staticky and dries super fast with this brush. I believe Ulta carries them.

For hair, I have been into coconut smells! This OGX Coconut Milk shampoo &
conditioner smell heavenly! I love the conditioner so much, it leaves my hair super
soft and shiny. If you love coconut too, you've got to try these for summer!

My favorite place is Hawaii, and these two products from Calgon take me there!
Hawaiian Ginger Body Mist and the Body Wash. I just can't get enough of the smell!
It's so tropical and sweet! The body wash is my favorite part of my shower!  In the summer
I like to use body mists that feel light and this one is perfect for that. Love!

That's my favorites! Please share yours too so I can check them out!
xoxo- Taj

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