Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Infuse Your Skin with Goodness!

Guys! I'm really excited about this Pur Energizer Skin Infuser Kit.
It's a genius little machine that sprays 100% pure healthy ingredients into 
the skin.  Pur Attitude is a science based skincare line that
is on a mission to revolutionize the skincare industry by purifying products from
all toxins, chemicals and unnecessary additives. We all are on board with this mission!

They have removed all water from their products and replaced it with hyaluronic acid,
a carbohydrate found in every cell in our body! It has the ability to draw up to 1000 times
 its weight in moisture from the air. On their own, these hyaluronic acid molecules are too big to
pass thru the outer layer of the skin, but thru this technology we are able to benefit
from absorption at the deepest layer of skin. 
This helps reveal a beautiful radiance, plumped, glowing skin. 
Less wrinkles and smaller pores! Yes please!

The kit contains three serums: Max Defense to lift and firm, Magna Moisture which is 
anti-aging, and Max Brightening with Vitamin C.
It's super easy to use, just add drops of your serums into the container and screw
it back on and it does all the work for you!
I love to just take it all in like a mini spa for a few minutes!

 The  spray is super fine and feels really light on the skin. 
The Energizer will spray automatically for 60 seconds and then stop. 

The Energizer super light weight and petite, so you can keep it in your gym bag or beside 
your bed and infuse your face and neck with skin plumping goodness! 
There is a USB charger in the kit as well so no batteries needed!

What I really love about this kit is the clean ingredients. The scientifically based
 products that are going deep into the layers of the skin. They
 are not just sitting on top of the skin like so many products do.  It feels
really refreshing and revitalizing. You can easily keep this at your desk for a plumping session
and no one will hear it, smell it or even know you are taking a mini-spa minute! 
Take a look at some of their products, I know you will love how clean the line is!
This would be a great gift as well for the upcoming Holidays!
You can find Pur Attitude here!


Saturday, October 20, 2018

Boss Babe Tips: Up Your Game With An Awesome Newsletter/Email

I'm all about sharing the knowledge and supporting other Boss Babes like myself.
Maybe you are a blogger, a small business owner or a life coach of sorts and
you really want more authentic engagement with your readers and of course
new readers! Perhaps delving into the technical side of things seems daunting.
 I've got a great article here to help you savvy up on the lingo and
learn a thing or two about marketing your brand, sharing your message or
just connecting in an awesome way with other people.
Let's take a look at jazzing up a newsletter or email that 
you can create! Take a look at this informative article from Emma
all about creating a GIF. Yep! It's actually pretty easy and anyone
can make one!  Amazing right! This is definitely going to make you
want to make one, I know I want to! Cheers to making 
awesome connections!

Want to spice up your email? A GIF might do the trick. GIFs aren’t just eye-catching, they’re effective. Research suggests emails sent with a GIF inside enjoy 26% higher clickthrough ratest han their non-GIF competitors.
Email-centered campaigns have also raised revenue – significantly. In one case study, Dell used a GIF in an email campaign and saw a 109% increase in revenue, according to MarketingSherpa.
If you’re interested in adding a GIF to your next campaign, we’ll explore six email marketing campaigns with killer GIFs that you can use as inspiration, plus some tips to add GIFs to your email effectively.

What is a GIF?

Before we start looking at amazing GIF campaigns, let’s define what a GIF is.
A GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is a moving picture. Think of it as a digital flipbook that strings several images together to create the illusion of movement. Here’s an example of a GIF in an email:
Pretty cool, right?

6 GIF emails you’ll want to copy

With GIFs, you need a plan. What do you want the GIF to do? Will it highlight products? Draw a subscriber’s attention to a specific part of an email? Take some time to think about what the GIF will accomplish for you.
To take some of the burden out GIF-prepping, here are some email marketing campaigns will killer GIFs that you’ll probably want to copy:

1. A Birchbox membership never looked so good

Birchbox, a membership-based beauty supplier, announces a big sale in a big way. The company uses a GIF to show the boxes of beauty supplies that members receive each month. The boxes slowly appear around the sale information, making the email a real beauty.

2. Van’s promotes its gift guide with GIF-style

Van’s, known for its skateboarding footwear and apparel, created a full-page GIF to introduce its holiday catalog. The animation, while a bit unorthodox, speaks to the Van’s brand and is a more engaging way to get customers interested in shopping than a still image and call to action.

3. Modcloth shows off accessories

Modcloth, an online clothing retailer, show its customers how to accessorize a dress with an inspirational GIF. In seconds, customers see the same dress with a sweater, jacket, sunglasses, and different shoes. 
The GIF is the online version of a window display that you’d see in a brick and mortar store. It gives customers the inspiration they need to complete their look. 
4. Fashion Magazine spices up its newsletter with a GIF
Fashion magazine sends out newsletters with regularity, sometimes daily depending on a subscriber’s preference. So, how can a publisher keep the content inside fresh? You guessed it, with the occasional GIF.
Fashion Magazine uses a consistent newsletter layout. A main piece of content sits on top and four to six small blocks sit under it. Typically, each block has an image and headline, but sometimes one of the blocks is a GIF. Take a look at the example below. The GIF is such an attention-grabber that subscribers can’t help but click on it to learn more.
It’s a nice way to break up the routine newsletter while giving subscribers something unique.

5. Apartment Therapy provides design inspiration

Apartment Therapy, an online publisher promoting home design and d├ęcor, uses a GIF to show people how much of a difference art can make on their walls. The GIF shows an empty wall and then shows the same wall with art on it.
The visual nature of this GIF makes it easy for the reader to instantly see how art can impact the look of a room.
Like many publishers, Apartment Therapy sends out a lot of newsletters and strategically uses GIFs to show audiences something out of the ordinary.

6. Harry’s animates a clock to emphasize urgency

To encourage customers to act fast, Harry’s, a shaving equipment company, sent this email with an animated clock.
Forget countdowns or flashing signs that say, “Time is Running Out.” Harry’s keeps it subtle. Everything in the image is still, except the clock, which draws your eye right to it and conveys the urgency of ordering now.

Tips you should know before sending your first GIF in an email

Now you’re inspired, right? Before you start planning email marketing campaigns with killer gifs, here are a few things you should know before you utilize these mini-movies in your email marketing strategy:

You don’t need animation skills

Making a GIF doesn’t require an animation degree. There are several user-friendly tools that can help you create a GIF quickly. Try EzGIF,, or Giphy.
Once you create the GIF and save it on your computer, you can upload it into an email just as you would an image. It’s as simple as uploading it and adding it to your email template.

Be aware of file size and load time

GIFs can quickly become large files, which is problematic for emails. Large files mean slow load times, and that’s a good way to frustrate your subscribers.
If you create a GIF, keep the file size below 400 KB and your image size under 480 pixels in width and height.
Be sure to send a test email to your phone and see how quickly it loads before sending it to others.

Vary GIF usage

As the examples show, GIFs are versatile. They can make up a small part of your email or they can be the main crux of it. You decide.
To start, you might consider making something small to learn the creation process and get into more complex looks later.

Picking the first frame is vital

Some email clients don’t support GIFs. Instead of seeing a moving picture, the subscriber will only see the first frame of the GIF. Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 will only show the first frame, for example.
Given this information, the first frame of your GIF is crucial. Make sure the first frame can stand alone as a picture.

Send a test

As with any email, you should send a test email to yourself before it goes mainstream. Aside from evaluating load times, watch the GIF to make sure it plays correctly. See how it fits with the rest of your email too. A GIF should complement your email and its message, not take away from it.
Of course, if you see any errors, fix them before sending.

Don’t go overboard

GIFs are awesome, but like anything else, you can overdo it. Try one GIF and see how your customers respond. If it goes well, try another. Use them sparingly though so customers don’t grow bored of them.

Wrap up

GIFs have become a powerful, attention-grabbing marketing tool for many businesses. But, as with any marketing tactic, there are best practices should you reference before adding a GIF to your next email. Fortunately, the tips and examples of email marketing campaigns with killer gifs give you a great starting point to create and send an email with a GIF inside.
Happy GIF-making everyone.

Find out more about this article and other tips here at
Article/Photo Credit: Emma

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Why You Need Magnesium

Most of us are deficient in many minerals these days. 
Our soil is depleted of minerals that we need to be healthy and
we are dealing with pollutants, unhealthy diets, and toxic stressful lives.
We are sicker than we've ever been.
But there is hope! There are many amazing minerals we can take to help us
on our journey.
Magnesium is one that our body requires. 
The U.S. National Institute for Health noted that
80% of Americans are Magnesium deficient. 
Some of the side effects of deficiency include poor sleep, muscle cramps, 
inflammation and chronic pain.
 Refined sugar which is in most processed foods and drinks
depletes our magnesium reserves.  Even Fluoride in the water
depletes us of magnesium.

Did you know that magnesium helps
regulate the body in many ways?
I personally take many different supplements for my health and I started
using magnesium oil only last year. I was amazed to learn all the benefits 
one can achieve from just a little rub of magnesium oil onto the skin!
 I wanted to share them here with you so that you have a good 
idea of how crucial magnesium is to our overall well being.
One that I have been using is Geothermal Minerals.
 It is a Permian Aged Mineral and 99%
pure and natural!


Let's get to the good stuff! Healing benefits! 
Prevents Heart Disease  
Decreases Premenstrual Symptoms
Prevents Chronic Disease         
 Increases Energy
Maintains Diabetic Levels     
Prevents Migraines
Treats Joint & Muscle Health  
Relaxes Muscles
Lowers Anxiety Levels             
Enhances Athletic Performance
Improves Memory              
 Increases DHEA Levels
Supports Libido                      
Improves Skin/Anti-Aging
Supports Immune System
 Regulates Cholesterol
Enhances Antioxidant System 
Manages Magnesium and Calcium Balance

Regulates Biochemical Reactions 

Magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. 
It helps to maintain normal nerve and muscle function, keeps the heartbeat
steady and helps bones remain strong. It also helps regulate blood glucose levels and aid in
the production of energy and protein.
So Where Does it Come From?
Geothermal Minerals is a family owned business and they import pure, organic Magnesium oil 
comes directly from the Poltava region of Ukraine, the purest, deepest and oldest Bischofite deposit 
found anywhere.
The oil is not refined or adulterated.  It is bioavailable and biologically active.

So how does one use it?
So easy! Just pump a few drops onto your skin and rub in. I like to
rub into my arms and legs. I rub a pump onto my children as well right before we go to bed.
It absorbs quickly into the skin.  You can use it every single day! 
I keep the bottle out on my bathroom counter so I remember to use it.
The bottle is beautiful andsuper easy to use.
To learn more about the healing benefits of this oil check out the Geothermal Minerals website here.  

Pick up a bottle while you are there for only $20! Such a great price to heal
your body with pure, natural Magnesium mineral!
Plus use code FIRSTTIME for 15% off.
Happy Healing!

Friday, September 7, 2018

A Face Patch to Remove Wrinkles? I Tried One From Frownies!

As we gear up for Fall in just a few weeks, (Hello, pumpkin everything!) I have
some wonderful new skincare to share with you!
If you have yet to hear of Frownies, they are a organic and natural line. 
My all-time favorite Rose Water Hydrator that I've talked about before is 
still a must-have!
This line is CLEAN & Toxin free! The packaging is super cute and colorful,
and the price point is very, very good for organic, natural ingredients!
I've been trying some new products, so let's check them out!

A cult favorite is the Frownies Facial Patches for Wrinkles on 
the forehead and in between the eyes.
This is super easy to use, just take a patch, spray with the Rose mist, and then
apply to freshly washed forehead or wherever you have wrinkles 
and leave on overnight. The patch works like a splint on the skin and
re-trains the muscles to lie in a smooth, flat position.
I definitely love these for the forehead where I can see 
small lines trying to form.  I want to keep those from moving in for sure! 
This approach is much safer than getting
injections and affordable! There is an 8-16 week
supply of patches in each box. 

As I mentioned, the Rose Water Hydrator is one of my favorite skincare
items. I love a good face mist and I can't live without them!
This one says it helps to plump fine lines. 
It's full of herbal extracts, vitamins and essential oils.
The scent is so faint and light, it's like walking by a rose bush,
just barely gives off a light whiff of that heavenly scent!
This will help keep face moisturized, refreshed, plump,
and glowy!
I use mine before I apply any serums or moisturizers. I
also use it before makeup and on my makeup brush before
I apply foundation. I like the extra moisture is gives my face.
This is a must!
I believe there is a special on the Frownies website  that I've linked 
where you can get both of these items in a package for less than $30!

I was most excited to try out this Moisturizer, Face & Neck with Aloe
and Oat Gel Cream.  I am super into anything for my neck and keeping it
looking good. This really feels just like aloe vera! It's more of a gel consistency
and goes on very light.  It feels very hydrating! It contains ceramides and high
levels of vitamin E that are of course all plant based.  This gel cream really
feels light on the skin and not overly creamy or tacky like some neck creams.
The smell is very light and herbal.  Some of the ingredients are Aloe, Oat Kernel Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Radish Seed Oil, Aspin Bark and Geranium Essential Oil.
My neck has felt very soft and hydrated, exactly what I was looking for. I like to 
use this at night. Wonderful!

Saving the best for last! This Rose quartz roller!
I love facial rollers and if you haven't tried one get this one! Just pop in the fridge
to chill or into the freezer! This will help roll out fine lines, puffiness under the eyes and any dark circles will get moving!  This really helps move out toxins built up under the skin and get blood circulating.  It can help with sinus build-up and even headaches.  
Get rid of built up stress and anxiety with healing rose quartz! Use the smaller roller around eyes and be very delicate.
Trust me, you will love this soothing, cool feeling!

I really loved everything I tried and was not disappointed in the natural ingredients 
and their application. Healthy, clean skincare is a must and works wonders!
Check out the Frownies line for other great natural skincare products.


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Malibu Cafe and Beautiful Sunglasses

(Sunglasses: Dynamikos, Dress: Justify, Shoes: Miu Miu)

We recently went to the Malibu Cafe at 
Calamigos Ranch. It is such a beautiful location to 
get away from the city and relax! We had a nice
bite to eat at the outdoor restaurant,
 walked around the pond, and then headed to the beach!
If you've never been there, I definitely recommend it! There are
little cottages that you can stay in for the night or weekend and
a beautiful pool with a relaxing waterfall!

There where ducks all around the pond, you can see
two of them back there if you look!

I can see myself relaxing by the pool here and
listening to the waterfall.

What taking pictures really looks like with these two!

These are my favorite sunglasses right now by Dynamikos. I love the 
beautiful design and the quality craftmanship.
These are called the Cleopatra Clear Champagne!
The lens is UVA & UVB protected. 
I just love them and want another pair!
Another great company to support as they give 20% of their net profit
to some amazing charities that are actually making a difference.

I need a gorgeous chandelier like this in my backyard!

Such a great place to escape to! 
So many fun games to play and beautiful scenery
all around. Can't wait to go back!


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ola Obsessed

(Love my Third Oak Sustainably made Flip flops too!)

Now that the heat is on for Summer, we have been living at the beach and pool!
I have a Summer essentials post coming up and I was going to include
these Ola Tropical Apothecary mists in that, but they are just too good!
I had to share with you all and let you know that you need to try them asap!
Hawaii is my favorite place on earth and the mists take me back there in an instant!
This line uses only natural-based, organic ingredients. Everything is locally
harvested with beneficial botanicals, oils, fruits, sea elements and flowers.
The two scents I am obsessed with are the Passion Fruit and Pikake.
These are Deep Sea Body Mists. Water found at 3000' below the ocean surface off the
Kona Coast.  Each mist contains over 90 trace minerals and
is high in calcium and magnesium.
There are 6 Ola scents to choose from:
The Passion Fruit, Pikake, Rainforest, Coconut, Plumeria & Tuberose.
Some other ingredients are Mamaki Leaf, Olena Root, Sugar Cane, Aloe Vera,
Ginger Root, Noni Fruit &Taro Root.

I love to spray these on my face and neck all day long!
They are so refreshing and invigorating, you will be addicted too!
I promise, you need to have this in your purse!
Check out all the other body and spa products Ola carries, they
are amazing! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer is for Blush!

 One of the many reasons I love Summer is that I can turn 
up the heat on my blushes! I am a blush girl and I love
to glow in hues of peach, pink and mauves.
These Cargo blushes are almost too pretty to use!
The packaging is sea inspired and I just love it.

Tonga is a pretty mauve, Catalina is a gorgeous carnation pink that is 
so hot for summer! 
The Big Easy is a go-to blush that everyone can wear.
I never turn a peachy blush down. It has the slightest
shimmer to it which is so pretty.

I really love the amount of product you get in these tins too, it's 
easy to dip your brush in and apply.
If you love blush and need a new Summer glow, 
these Cargo blushes are great!
They have free shipping and 15% off if you sign 
up for emails!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Love Beauty & Planet

How gorgeous is this new brand called Love Beauty and Planet!
The approach is a more holistic and natural ingredient list.
The line is vegan and packaging is 100% recycled.
Importantly, there is no: parabens, dyes, silicones, animal testing or sulfate cleansers.
Made with ethically sourced ingredients like this Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower
Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.  It really smells heavenly which is such
a big deal when I shower! I love the natural, vibrant smells of nature!
This one smells very much like an organic coconut dream!

This Sugar and Rose Peace and Glow Creamy Body Scrub 
has got to be one of my favorite bath treats I've tried in a while.
It smells so wonderful, I can't even tell you! Like this blooming 
rose here in my picture!

Last item I tried is the Murumuru Butter & Rose
2 minute Magic Masque.
I love that everything had organic coconut oil in it, as this is a great
healing oil for hair and skin. This masque leaves hair soft and glossy and
I absolutely love the packaging! 
What a great transformation the company Unilever has made with this line!
Brands are definitely taking note that we want and deserve healthy, clean products 
that make a difference! Well done!
Most stores carry this brand, so run right out and try some!
I really want to try out the Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Better Skin First Impressions

I'm back with a new skincare brand called Better Skin and it has
a pretty cool background!
Created by a dreaming girl named Natalia who emigrated with her parents
from the Republic of Uzbekistan to Seattle, Wa. (My home state, Hey!)

Natalia brought a secret beauty recipe with her from her beloved homeland.
She became an aesthitician and started making her secret cream at home for clients!
Then, she met a beauty industry insider, Murphy Bishop.
He tried one of her secret recipes, the Mirakle Cream.
He fell for it, and convinced her to take it to chemists to perfect the recipe.
The rest is history! A skincare line was born!
Let's get to the products I've been loving!

I'm a girl who lives for masks and facials. Every weekend,
I'm doing a facial and pampering my skin. 
So, this Lava Magik, had me intrigued!
It is a cleanser, scrub, mask. With volcanic lava from France and
calendula, sweet orange and grape seed oils to nourish.
I love it! Let's just be honest here, it's pretty Magikal like its name!
It really exfoliates in such a delicate way and smells divine.
Skin feels heavenly soft afterward. 
It is definitely on the more expensive side for masks, however,
 the ingredients are paraben free, vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. 
Importantly, it has real results! 

I noticed a lot of buzz around this product, the Zit No More.
I gave it a try on a a blemish and the next day it was dried up!
I will warn you, it smells quite potent (Tea Tree oil and Tung Oil!) So wear it at night!
But, this little roller ball application does the trick for pesky break outs!
Add this to your arsenal and you won't be disappointed!

I saved the famous cream for last!
The Mirakle Cream, with soothing ingredients like, seabuckthorn (a fav!) coconut oil,
shea butter, aloe, cocoa butter, and soothing algae. Then there are the overtime workers,
peptides and hyaluronic acid to restore bring out a radiant glow!
It has a barely there scent, so if you are sensitive to smell, you will love it.
It feels very hydrating, but not greasy or thick. This is a nighttime cream in my opinion.
I really love it for my neck and chest!
Overall, all three products were a hit for me, which rarely happens!
I love the bright packaging too! 
They also have a Vitamin C Serum that I would like to tr
as that is one of my must-have beauty ingredients!
Find about Better Skin here!
You can score 20% now thru April 30th with code April20!


Monday, April 9, 2018

New Spring Beauty: Jane Iredale

 Spring means time for a trip! Which of course, means
new healthy makeup shopping! Jane Iredale is a wonderful brand
that uses healthy and good for your skin ingredients.
I'm really excited about this little bronze compact that has 
powder, a gorgeous blush and eyeshadows in it which couldn't be more
perfect for travel!

Pure Moist Lipstick in Jamie and Tricia with moringa butter, vitamins A & C, 
coffee bean extract, orange peel wax, avocado and sunflower oils and organic
blackberry & pomegranate extracts! Super moisturizing and feels so good on.
Tricia is the perfect nude lip!
The last swatch is from the Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss duo in Content.
It's a matte pink nude with a clear gloss shimmer. If 
you are going to be outdoors all day, a stain is perfect for lasting color
and then you can just touch up with gloss.
The Makeup Kit in Snap Happy will be in my travel makeup bag all season!
It comes with:
 PureMatte Finish Powder in translucent
Whisper PureFresh Blush in a shimmery peach pink (obsessed!)
Brown Sugar PurePressed Eyeshadow Triple - warm brown, 
shimmery peach, Shimmery copper eggplant

 Love the soft Dome brush too! The bristles are super soft!

Last, but not least is the Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in Sapphire and Emerald.
This water-resistant powder to cream eyeliner is shimmery and smokey!
It comes with it's own brush for application in a gorgeous gold bottle.
Perfect for travel too as it won't get messy and you can create a pretty
smokey eye with the crease free liner. 
Now it's time to make those travel arrangements! Are you going
anywhere soon?
Check out the Jane Iredale new Spring collection for more inspiration here! 


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