Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ola Obsessed

(Love my Third Oak Sustainably made Flip flops too!)

Now that the heat is on for Summer, we have been living at the beach and pool!
I have a Summer essentials post coming up and I was going to include
these Ola Tropical Apothecary mists in that, but they are just too good!
I had to share with you all and let you know that you need to try them asap!
Hawaii is my favorite place on earth and the mists take me back there in an instant!
This line uses only natural-based, organic ingredients. Everything is locally
harvested with beneficial botanicals, oils, fruits, sea elements and flowers.
The two scents I am obsessed with are the Passion Fruit and Pikake.
These are Deep Sea Body Mists. Water found at 3000' below the ocean surface off the
Kona Coast.  Each mist contains over 90 trace minerals and
is high in calcium and magnesium.
There are 6 Ola scents to choose from:
The Passion Fruit, Pikake, Rainforest, Coconut, Plumeria & Tuberose.
Some other ingredients are Mamaki Leaf, Olena Root, Sugar Cane, Aloe Vera,
Ginger Root, Noni Fruit &Taro Root.

I love to spray these on my face and neck all day long!
They are so refreshing and invigorating, you will be addicted too!
I promise, you need to have this in your purse!
Check out all the other body and spa products Ola carries, they
are amazing! 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer is for Blush!

 One of the many reasons I love Summer is that I can turn 
up the heat on my blushes! I am a blush girl and I love
to glow in hues of peach, pink and mauves.
These Cargo blushes are almost too pretty to use!
The packaging is sea inspired and I just love it.

Tonga is a pretty mauve, Catalina is a gorgeous carnation pink that is 
so hot for summer! 
The Big Easy is a go-to blush that everyone can wear.
I never turn a peachy blush down. It has the slightest
shimmer to it which is so pretty.

I really love the amount of product you get in these tins too, it's 
easy to dip your brush in and apply.
If you love blush and need a new Summer glow, 
these Cargo blushes are great!
They have free shipping and 15% off if you sign 
up for emails!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Love Beauty & Planet

How gorgeous is this new brand called Love Beauty and Planet!
The approach is a more holistic and natural ingredient list.
The line is vegan and packaging is 100% recycled.
Importantly, there is no: parabens, dyes, silicones, animal testing or sulfate cleansers.
Made with ethically sourced ingredients like this Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower
Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash.  It really smells heavenly which is such
a big deal when I shower! I love the natural, vibrant smells of nature!
This one smells very much like an organic coconut dream!

This Sugar and Rose Peace and Glow Creamy Body Scrub 
has got to be one of my favorite bath treats I've tried in a while.
It smells so wonderful, I can't even tell you! Like this blooming 
rose here in my picture!

Last item I tried is the Murumuru Butter & Rose
2 minute Magic Masque.
I love that everything had organic coconut oil in it, as this is a great
healing oil for hair and skin. This masque leaves hair soft and glossy and
I absolutely love the packaging! 
What a great transformation the company Unilever has made with this line!
Brands are definitely taking note that we want and deserve healthy, clean products 
that make a difference! Well done!
Most stores carry this brand, so run right out and try some!
I really want to try out the Murumuru Butter & Rose Shampoo and Conditioner!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Better Skin First Impressions

I'm back with a new skincare brand called Better Skin and it has
a pretty cool background!
Created by a dreaming girl named Natalia who emigrated with her parents
from the Republic of Uzbekistan to Seattle, Wa. (My home state, Hey!)

Natalia brought a secret beauty recipe with her from her beloved homeland.
She became an aesthitician and started making her secret cream at home for clients!
Then, she met a beauty industry insider, Murphy Bishop.
He tried one of her secret recipes, the Mirakle Cream.
He fell for it, and convinced her to take it to chemists to perfect the recipe.
The rest is history! A skincare line was born!
Let's get to the products I've been loving!

I'm a girl who lives for masks and facials. Every weekend,
I'm doing a facial and pampering my skin. 
So, this Lava Magik, had me intrigued!
It is a cleanser, scrub, mask. With volcanic lava from France and
calendula, sweet orange and grape seed oils to nourish.
I love it! Let's just be honest here, it's pretty Magikal like its name!
It really exfoliates in such a delicate way and smells divine.
Skin feels heavenly soft afterward. 
It is definitely on the more expensive side for masks, however,
 the ingredients are paraben free, vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free. 
Importantly, it has real results! 

I noticed a lot of buzz around this product, the Zit No More.
I gave it a try on a a blemish and the next day it was dried up!
I will warn you, it smells quite potent (Tea Tree oil and Tung Oil!) So wear it at night!
But, this little roller ball application does the trick for pesky break outs!
Add this to your arsenal and you won't be disappointed!

I saved the famous cream for last!
The Mirakle Cream, with soothing ingredients like, seabuckthorn (a fav!) coconut oil,
shea butter, aloe, cocoa butter, and soothing algae. Then there are the overtime workers,
peptides and hyaluronic acid to restore bring out a radiant glow!
It has a barely there scent, so if you are sensitive to smell, you will love it.
It feels very hydrating, but not greasy or thick. This is a nighttime cream in my opinion.
I really love it for my neck and chest!
Overall, all three products were a hit for me, which rarely happens!
I love the bright packaging too! 
They also have a Vitamin C Serum that I would like to tr
as that is one of my must-have beauty ingredients!
Find about Better Skin here!
You can score 20% now thru April 30th with code April20!


Monday, April 9, 2018

New Spring Beauty: Jane Iredale

 Spring means time for a trip! Which of course, means
new healthy makeup shopping! Jane Iredale is a wonderful brand
that uses healthy and good for your skin ingredients.
I'm really excited about this little bronze compact that has 
powder, a gorgeous blush and eyeshadows in it which couldn't be more
perfect for travel!

Pure Moist Lipstick in Jamie and Tricia with moringa butter, vitamins A & C, 
coffee bean extract, orange peel wax, avocado and sunflower oils and organic
blackberry & pomegranate extracts! Super moisturizing and feels so good on.
Tricia is the perfect nude lip!
The last swatch is from the Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss duo in Content.
It's a matte pink nude with a clear gloss shimmer. If 
you are going to be outdoors all day, a stain is perfect for lasting color
and then you can just touch up with gloss.
The Makeup Kit in Snap Happy will be in my travel makeup bag all season!
It comes with:
 PureMatte Finish Powder in translucent
Whisper PureFresh Blush in a shimmery peach pink (obsessed!)
Brown Sugar PurePressed Eyeshadow Triple - warm brown, 
shimmery peach, Shimmery copper eggplant

 Love the soft Dome brush too! The bristles are super soft!

Last, but not least is the Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in Sapphire and Emerald.
This water-resistant powder to cream eyeliner is shimmery and smokey!
It comes with it's own brush for application in a gorgeous gold bottle.
Perfect for travel too as it won't get messy and you can create a pretty
smokey eye with the crease free liner. 
Now it's time to make those travel arrangements! Are you going
anywhere soon?
Check out the Jane Iredale new Spring collection for more inspiration here! 


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Healing Lemon Water and a Novel: Futura

Whenever I sit down to read a book I like to have a hot tea or my
healing lemon water! Here is a quick recipe 
for my lemon/ginger water:

Boil your water
slice 1-2 inches fresh organic ginger
add to cup
add hot water
squeeze 1/2 lemon juice into water
 add 1 tbs raw honey once water has cooled slightly

 Now onto the book!
This short novella Futura by Jordan Phillips
is set in the year 2050 Paris. I was very intrigued by the premise of this
book and the hope for what it might bring.
The story follows an American girl who lives in Paris in the future where things 
seem quite perfect. We follow her relationships and desires for things
that are not typical for society anymore.
Like a child of her own!
Microchips & robots are a way of life, nature has receded, working is unnecessary.
A.I. has taken over everything that people once did.  
Even cooking!  
We get a glimpse into this evolved world, and the book leaves you
wanting to know more.
You will find yourself feeling hopeful for the picture that is painted in this
future world. This book is 90 pages, so it reads very quickly and
feels like short dream, more than a novella. However, I think there
is much room here to grow and delve into the characters and a world that
has been transformed from what we now know.
 The thought of being alive in this future realm
 of A.I. & a technology driven space, gives way to hope!
It does not have to be a future of doom and gloom!
 Quite worth the read for those who love futuristic 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Loving: Natural Hair Color by ONC

I have colored my hair since I was 16! My hair has been every color
on the color wheel. It's always been fun coloring my hair. But, there is something
I don't enjoy about it, the pungent smell, the burning feeling during processing and the brittleness
I often encounter afterwards.
These days, I stick to my natural shade of chocolate brown and
I am always looking for a more healthy and affordable option. I have found a great one
in ONC NaturalColors and it works great!
Hair color isn't the most healthy thing for us women. There
are so many chemicals in the ingredients. Ammonia being a big one that many
brands are starting to finally remove.  But, too many still have it in there, among 
many other toxic ingredients.  Too much
ammonia in the bloodstream is bad news for us. 
Ammonia is so toxic it is able to penetrate through anything in our bodies, even 
our bones! It penetrates right through our skin! If you take anything away
at all from this post, please do not buy any hair dyes with ammonia in them.
If you go to a salon, please be sure to ask if any of the products being used
have ammonia in them and ask that they 
not use them on you or anyone for that matter!
We don't need toxic substances applied to our scalps entering our blood stream
and organs!
So, this ONC NaturalColors is a breath of fresh 
air for those of us who do color our hair!

ONC NaturalColors are made with certified organic ingredients like:
Argan oil, Aloe Vera, Orange Extracts, Chamomile, Comfrey and
Coconut oil to name a few! You can see here in the picture, it has a whole
list of healthy ingredients to benefit you!
It is free of Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens Silicones and Nonoxynol. 
I don't even know what that last one is, but it doesn't sound good!
The product helps improve the health of your hair, not destroy it, like so many 
brands do!

I really loved the color Glamorous Brown. It covered all my grays and
lasted way longer than the unhealthy brand I was using prior. 
It was a very easy application and the smell was pleasant not overwhelming at all like
usual colorants. There was no burning or itching either! My hair
felt healthy and soft after coloring. The Glamorous Brown was
It is available on Amazon and on the ONC  NaturalColors website here.
The price point is $24, which is very high in comparison to the drugstore
brands I know! But, it's time to start investing in our own health and not
use those other toxic brands anymore. I always say, we vote with our money honey!
If we can stop buying brands with toxic ingredients, then they will stop making them! 
Are you using a healthy hair color? If not, please give this brand a try,
I am sure you will love it too!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Going Plant-based: My Story

Going Plant-based: My Story
I was feeling low in energy for months...catching all the colds the kids were
bringing home. I had headaches on random days and my coffee cup was always
full. It started about 9 months after I had Max, my son who is 2 now.
I have always been healthy and eaten what I thought was a balanced
diet according to set standards. But, I just
felt off.  Too many colds and the flu had me wondering what was up?
Then I found a little bump on my chest...I got the flu again. It was December
2016 and my favorite time of the year, but I just had no energy. That flu took me
out for days. I couldn't even take care of my kids... I ended up in the hospital.
That's where my plant based story begins. My husband and I had been juicing
on and off for several years and eating what we "thought" was healthy.
Lots of cheese and milk for calcium and for "strong bones."
Organic meat for protein. Free-range eggs, lots of whole grain breads
 and grains and fruits and veggies. Sounds great right!

But, we really had no idea everything was about to change. 
By January 2017 I was still sick, my husband got sick, the kids were
sick...the universe was trying to get our attention! "Okay, God what 
is going on here?" I said to myself! 

Doctors told me to get on more anti-biotics or said my symptoms
where just the common flu. But a year of a flu? Vertigo?  More symptoms every month?
No, that isn't right.
I never took the prescriptions. I spent hours on the phone with
my healthcare insurance going down endless rabbit holes.
Trying to just see a specialist was next to impossible for some reason. 
"This isn't working. Something isn't right here." I said.

I came across "What the Health" a documentary on Netflix about our food and 
what we are really eating. Dairy, meat, processed foods, toxic ingredients
that find themselves in just about everything. I started reading vehemently. Everything
I could find on the truth about food and healing. It all aligned. 
 I was awake. The system was designed to make us sick!
Too many toxic pesticides, herbicides on the GMO crops. 
Those crops are filling up
our systems and causing viruses to turn into disease and cancer.
 It's contaminating the cows and chickens. They
are fed hormones and anti-biotics and live a sadly life which 
transfers into the meat and dairy they produce. Then we consume
it all. This was not God's plan for us.

I basically started from scratch. I threw out everything in my pantry except
fruit and veggies. I thought I was eating and shopping healthy! But, I wasn't vigilantly reading labels.
Labels are where it's at. We can't ignore the labels anymore! They sneak
in MSG and "natural flavors", toxic citric acid and on and on.
I said, "Babe, we are going plant based. We have to heal. We have
to get healthy for real. I'm sick. But I can heal. I can live."

Plants are Medicine

Time to heal. Time to be awake. Time to help others who are sick
for no "reason."  Time to have a voice.
My family went fully plant-based and we never looked back.
I'm not a crazy vegan or a harsh critic. I'm just a truth seeker. 
Common sense says, if we are treating all these animals in conditions
that are making them sad and lifeless then how are we good stewards?
How can we consume these foods and think they will sustain us, nourish us
and heal us? 
Cow's milk is meant for a baby calf. Period.  We shouldn't be manipulating this
animal on a global scale for our consumption.
Cheese is the most delicious 
thing in the world! Sure, but it feeds viruses and pathogens. So we have
to make choices. It isn't the only form of calcium!
We can eat meat. Yes, but at what cost? We have to cut back. We have
to think about that impact and have a connection to what we are eating.
Is it going to help us heal? That is the big question we have to ask!
 For me, plants and herbs are our medicine. They have helped me heal and
we rarely, if ever, get sick anymore. We did not get that gnarly flu going
around, or even a cold this Winter!
I feel energized, free of symptoms, healthy, and I have peace
about my path.  This isn't a story of how to go vegan or vegetarian or plant-based.
Those are all just LABELS. I don't think we need that.  We just need to wake up
to what's really going on in our food system.
Wake to the misinformation being spread and funded by
private special agenda groups.
We must ask why so many people
are sick with auto-immune diseases and cancers galore. 
I want people to be healthy, but also to take responsibility for animals as well.
They need us to protect them and think about our connection to each other.

We can be strong and eat plants! We can be athletes at
 the highest level and run triathalons and 
go the same distance! Plants have more than enough proteins!
The difference is we are healed by the healthy foods 
we are eating. We are not feeding cancers. 
We are awake and telling the truth to those who will listen.
We are healing.

This post is sponsored by a coalition of partners, Olympian Dotsie Bausch & her
non-profit organization Compassion Champs.  This initiative is to help counteract
the false and misleading messaging featured in the Milk Life Olympic advertising.
Please take a short moment to watch this 30 sec video.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Aloe Water Recipe

Aloe Vera is a healing plant that is not only good for your skin, but it
also has many amazing benefits for your health.
With over 70 trace minerals, and bioavailable B12, it's antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal
and anti-parasitic! So incredible!
I will go into more specific cancers and diseases it can kill off later.  
First, I want to share a super easy Aloe water recipe that you must
try asap and a Aloe gel you need! Whether you want to be healthy or want to heal, this 
plant has your back!

I love using Aloe Vera on my skin and have done so for years. It's not
just for sunburns! I've been using the
Aloe Vera Gele by Desert Harvest.  It's made with 100% natural and organic 
ingredients. This is a must to keep in your fridge for any skin issues, like minor cuts, scraps,
rashes, as an anti-inflammatory & pain reliever.  I use it on my face! Yep, I will apply 
a thin layer to my face once a week and let it seep in. I also use it where I have some
psoriasis on my neck to soothe any irritation. 
Containing 80% Aloe Vera and also Honeysuckle flower extract, Aspen Bark extract 
and radish root, it's full of goodness!
Find Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Gele here! (All their gels ar BOGO for March!)

 You can find these huge Aloe leaves at your grocery store for around $1! 
Let's get to the first recipe! It's so easy!

 Cut 3-4 inches of aloe. Remove the pulp from the skin by slicing it like a fillet.

Once the pulp is removed from the skin, add to blender with 2 cups 
filtered water and blend!  Enjoy the healing power! 
I love to use the skin of the Aloe and rub it on my face like a 
fresh facial! If you have dark circles under your eyes, this juice is going to help with that!

Another easy recipe you can make if you want to ease into the Aloe Vera water is 
a  refreshing cooler!
Add the juice of two oranges (or orange juice from your fridge!)
and 1 cup coconut water and blend! So refreshing and  so good for you!

Aloe Vera is a great, healthy colon cleanse! It has the power to kill the 
pathogens that create colon cancer, stomach cancer and also reduce the 
growth of hemorrhoids! Yuck!
It can heal so many conditions, too many to name here! A few are
kidney infections, stomach ulcers, food poisoning, all autoimmune diseases, (wow!!)
shingles, MRSA, strep throat, Epstein-Barr virus and IBS. What
an amazing ancient healing plant! There is so much to learn about this 
blessed plant. I hope you will give these drinks a try for your health and healing!

A big thank you to Anthony William for all his work on getting this information
out for us to heal! You can find out all about life healing foods in his books here.

Happy Health & Healing!
Sending you Love!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Winter Sun and Hespera

This week has been cold in Los Angeles. I usually feel like
our Winter is January thru March! The only time we can really
wear sweaters or light coats! This poncho is such a great transitional piece
 for all year long. I love the contrast of the zebra print belt over it to 
give me shape and and easy pair of black faux leather leggings 
to glam it up!

I wore a gorgeous Hespera Gemfire ring.

These Carlos Santana booties have beautiful detailing
on them and they are so comfortable! I even walked around
Ikea in these! Women should be rocking the 
Cowboy boots as they are so comfy and chic!

I also wanted to share my current collection of 
Hespera Gemfire rings as I'm obsessed!
I love the natural beauty each ring has. They are wonderfully unique
and stunning in person! They are carved directly from the 
glimmering stones! Yes, I am loving the amethyst!

Look at those stunning quartz formations! 
I truly believe there is healing energy in the earth's rocks!
When I wear these, I feel energized, calm and strong!
In my own Indigenous history, the Cheerokee wore crystals on their body concealed
from view, except for the Chiefs, who wore them around their necks!
They were very special!

This was the first Hespera ring that my husband gave me for Valentine's Day!
I love the separation of light purple to darker purple.
Pantone's color for 2018 is ultra violet and I love it!
You can find these at Hespera and Nordstrom.
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