Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inner Garden

How long has it been since you've sat down alone and poured out some of your thoughts on paper? If you haven't done so in quite some time, why not return to this luxury and find solace in the freedom of thought. We get so consumed with the everyday drill of work and the commute, running errands, finishing up chores, paperwork, homework, returning e-mails! The list goes on and on doesn't it!! But when you open that blank canvas of a page, there is something that happens deep within your soul. Your desires and passions slowly start to emerge and trickle out through the pen. Dreams you didn't even know existed, start to bubble up from a deep well within you. Yes, we have responsibilities and deadlines, children to care for and t.v. shows to catch up on, but the inner self needs devotion as well. In these moments we connect with our true being, our courage and our defeat. Our aspirations and our hopes. We may even recollect kindness from the world that would on a normal day, go without any gratitude. Finding this secret garden within ourselves allows us to bloom forth our glorious inner spirit and share it more so with those around us. Pull out that dusty journal or notebook and begin today, nurture that seed that needs your attention deep withing you. There's an oak tree waiting to bloom forth.


Lavoguette said...

Very beautiful: styles, photos, blog!

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