Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Isabel Allende

Last night I had the fortunate opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors Isabel Allende. She spoke to an audience of 500 people with ease and humor in her native Spanish accent. She is a woman of great character and I admire her tremendously. She is one of my inspirations as a writer, not only for her style of magical realism but because her characters always strike a chord of familiarity within me, they are relatable. One thing she said last night stuck in my mind. She touched on the topic of love and it's importance not only in her writing but in her life experience: "Be sure to spend yourself on others, that is the only way to truly make yourself rich." I love that principal because you can apply it to any situation. It is not the love we receive in life that we measure but the love we give that truly defines who we are. A heart that gives is far greater than one who merely looks to receive.

Books: Daughter of Fortune, House of Spirits


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