Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beautiful Shells

How to:
Select 2 colors of glitter. Mix them in varying proportions to form several gradations. We combined a deep color with gold and made three blends for a range of five shades; far left is the pure color, far right is pure gold, and the blends are in the middle.Brush white craft glue across one end of a shell (such as an Irish deep scallop shell). Use a spoon to sprinkle with glitter, starting with a shade at one end of your color range. Gently shake off excess, and continue applying glue and glitter in sections (no drying time is required) until the final color in your range is applied to the opposite end of shell. Let dry. Turn shell over; glitter reverse side with 1 solid color. To hang shells: Hot glue a loop inside shells, slip a pearl bead over loop, secure with a dot of craft glue and there you have it! Glamorous ornaments!


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