Thursday, December 3, 2009


Last week we made a trip to Vegas. Of course it was for me, a joy of sorts packing for the glitz of the strip! I mean what better place to bust out all of your sequins and sparkle? I don't think my baby correctly estimated how many pairs of embellished leggings I owned! And the shoes? Show stoppers galore!!! Guilty. But I digress. The point is, I was a tad bit disappointed with the crowd and their assembles. I must admit, I was expecting more of an "A" game from everyone I encountered. Honestly, it was rather drab. Leave the boring fleeces, sweatshirts, sneakers at home people! When in Vegas it is your rightful duty as a glamazon citizen to represent all things fabulous. Helloow, ever heard of Elvis and Priscilla? Sharon Stone in Casino? Cher??? I mean, yes I'm all about comfort myself, but mostly when I'm in bed watching movies sipping on hot chocolate or reading a toasty book on the couch with my slippers and my two puppies snuggled up on me. But do us all a favor and leave the drab at home mmkay? Especially if you make it to Viva Las Vegas, this is the place to be a diva, a rock star a Diana Ross look-a-like. Life is just too short to play the drab card. I decided that although I'm not a gambler, I did bring something very valuable back with me from Vegas. (Besides the two sweaters I scored at H&M for $5!) I brought back the necessity to have a little glitz and glam in my everyday life. Wear that sparkly scarf on the train to work or your favorite cocktail ring to the grocery store. Bust out the rock star look at school just because you can. Then, when you do make that trip to Nevada, you'll know exactly what I mean. xoxo


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