Monday, January 25, 2010


What inner gifts deep within you are waiting to make their debut? What is it that you really, really love to do but somehow make excuses for not shining a bright light on that ability or desire? I'm always someone who continuously encourages this thinking, and if you look back thru my entries, you'll see that I frequently write on this topic. I love to inspire people to act on their talents and gifts that are deposited within their hearts. Do you like to paint perhaps? Make jewelry, arrange and re-arrange your living room, cook, play the piano? For me, I love to write. From a very young age I had a tremendous imagination and began writing short stories in the 1st grade on. I won my first Young Authors'Award that year for a classic that I wrote about Leprechauns and finding your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I even did my own illustrations! I'm quite proud of myself for that one! The contributions of our gifts and talents make this world so inspiring and wonderful. I hope that whatever your gifts are, you'll paint them in the sky, a rainbow for all of us to admire. xoxo


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