Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sky Scraper

Dancers have the most eloquent stances. Ballerinas in general are a perfect example of posture and confidence. Posture is directly related to our awareness of our bodies and the power/strength surging within. Do you notice how slumpy and lazy you feel when you slouch? Now stand up straight aligning your head with your body, don't you automatically feel more powerful and energized to move your body? We've all heard that the mind leads the body. This is an important realization; that by changing what you believe, you can actually change what your body is capable of doing. But to bring things around full circle, it's critical to understand that the body leads the mind, too. Stand up straight, walk tall, and you will actually think and feel better. Remember to take deep breaths in thru your nose out thru your mouth throughout your day. Imagine in your mind that you are inhaling/intaking strength and energy, peace and power to do the things you need to get done, and to do them with confidence thru your body. Exhaling the stress and worries of your day/week. Little steps, but big rewards towards looking gorgeous in that profile picture and most important to feeling amazing as you walk down the hall to face life. xoxo


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