Monday, January 11, 2010

You ARE the Masterpiece!

Every now and then I'll get asked about the fashion spreads I post or about the fashions individuals see in magazines or on the runway shows and how it's relative to an everyday lifestyle. To many people, fashion can seem over the top and ridiculously pompas with exaggerated frills and unnecessary importance. But even the plain-Jane top one might buy at Target is influenced by what is going on at Bryant Park every season. If you're not a fashionista, and I dare say there's a little bit in each of us, then I know you could care less about Harem pants and what to wear with them! But my dear friend, fashion expression is a liberty and an art. When you see the fashion spreads please don't take them so literal. Instead, view them as a canvas that was built layer by layer to create a masterpiece(or not!)that can be interpreted many ways by many people. Pull then from a look things you can infuse into your wardrobe. A little kick of animal print, a touch of lace, deep luscious burgundy lips, the things that spice up the ordinary. I personally take it as inspiration for my own creativity. Maybe I love what they did with that belt, and those two colors I never dreamed would pop together! Then I go create my own version of what inspired me from that look. Some people paint with expensive brushes and fancy techniques, but you are your own masterpiece to unveil and we are all waiting to behold you! Now go be glamorous. xoxo


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