Friday, February 5, 2010

Love is in the air...

I'm a major fan of Amore. I'm not just talking about romantic love either, love in general is just the most wonderful thing a person can ever experience and I'm talking about the truly heartfelt kind. I'm blessed that I get to spend el Dia de Amor with my hunny bunches, but I also love sending little presents to my girls around the country to brighten their day. For those of you who just plain despise the day, try to take a look at it beyond the flowers and candy and expensive dinners at restaurants and find the beauty of bringing love to the forefront of your everyday life. And if you're stumped for love ideas I've posted a few for you romantic little cupids out there. Love is Glam-xoxo

1) Make something personal for your loved ones: a painting, a collage of pics, a poem, a mixed cd of music.

2) Pick up the phone and just call to say you love them and are thinking about them. (Trust me people will feel amazing when you do this, especially your Mom!)

3) Bake your loved ones their favorite treats out of the blue.

4) If your married, leave little love notes in unexpected places for your hunny to find.

5) Hold hands more often, touch is so important! Give your friends/family hugs every time you see them. And really hug them! No wimpy hugs.

6) Make a special dinner just because. Light some candles, put on the music, use nice dishes if you have them stashed away in a cabinet!

7) Send out special cards that you've made or found on a shopping trip and write something special, like how blessed you are to have them in your life.

8) Watch a good movie together and cuddle! (One of my favs!)

9) Turn off the phones/computers and just hang together over a cup of coffee/tea.

10) Get a massage/mani/pedi/facial together. (Love doing this with my girls! Especially in Hawaii while drinking mimosas! Hey ladies!!)

11) See a gift your loved one would like and surprise them with it! No special occasion needed.

12) Tell them how beautiful/handsome they are regularly.

13) Keep yourself well groomed and smelling amazing.

14) Smile. Just plain smile more!

15) Dance together in your house.

16) Flowers are such a treat for anyone, just do it because you love them.

17) If you have pets, keep a pic of them on your phone or computer screen, or on your desk. They are full of love and make our lives better! Hug them tons!

18) Send your man/lady romantic texts throughout the day or dedicate a song to them on the radio! Yes people still do that.

19) Set a date night and stick to it. Gotta keep it fresh. Whether it's dinner at home/ takeout/ or a spot you love. Eat together.

20) Give your love freely, expecting nothing. It feels like a million bucks.

Any other suggestions?


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