Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Makeup Score!

Some of you may already know that CVS is having a little sale on makeup right now for 75% off! So I decided to take a peek last night on my way home and I totally scored on these items:

Milani Glimmer eyeshadow in honey (no pic sorry :( and pink (below) for $1.87!! (btw-I luv their eyeshadows)

Physicians Formula Organic line, which I have been wanting to try out for some time!
Natural Origin Pressed Powder $3.75!

And Superfruit lipgloss in Ginger, which is 100% organic! for $1.99

I had to hold myself back and not go too crazy, I have so much makeup, but I couldn't pass up these great finds! Have you been to CVS lately? Just keep an eye out for the little green 75% off stickers, there is not a big sign, so you'll have to just browse. Totally worth it luvs.


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