Monday, March 1, 2010

Bedroom Diaries

What makes your bedroom feel amazing? I have these silk taffeta curtains that make my room feel so glamorous. But my bedroom is always a work-in-progress. I still don't have a dresser that is considered "adult" by any standards! But I want something really beautiful and I just haven't found it yet. What makes your room glamourous? Any suggestions?


juicy j said...

i lllove the fur on the first bed.
and im dyyying to get a chandelier.

Sylvia H. said...

woooow so lovely!!! what an inspiration!

Hannah ♥ said...

My walls are covered in black & white photos of hollywood legends, fashion icons, plus outfits and magazine editorials I love.



LA said...

wow! I wanna the first bedroom!

Thanks so much for passing way sweetie!


Ellen Hill said...

Oh gosh, I'm dieing over image two. I mean rich fabrics & a bow- too perfect!

Taj Acosta said...

Thanks chicas! xx

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