Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DIY: Decals

All of these decals can be found at Blik  OR

DIY- version!!

This version is much less permanent (no wallpaper paste) so the landlord should have no complaints!
What You Need
Wallpaper remnants or free sample books
Templates - coloring books have great ones!! So does Martha Stewart.com
Pencil and/or Sharpie
Exacto knife and cutting board
Aleene’s Tacky Glue (available at any craft store)
Modge Podge and poster board (optional)
Foam brush and small container
Dry soft cloth

1. Find a template on-line or in a children’s coloring book. Try searching for simple, graphic images on pre-school education websites or craft websites.

2. Cut out template using scissors or Exacto knife, if image is more complex around the edges. Trace template onto a piece of wallpaper using a pencil or a Sharpie, if necessary. Cut out wallpaper image.

3. In a small container, dilute about a teaspoon of glue with a few drops of water. Using the foam brush, apply the glue to the back of the wallpaper decal.

4. Make sure the wall where the decal is going is clean and dry. Attach the decal by applying pressure from the center to the edges. Using the dry cloth, rub out to seal the edges. If the edges curl up, apply a little more glue just under the perimeter of the decal and smooth down again. This should stick fairly well for an extended period of time, but will not be difficult to later remove (according to Martha Whittle, wallpaper installer).

5. For a completely temporary solution, attach the wallpaper decal to poster board. Using a foam brush, apply Modge Podge to the back of the wallpaper, smooth it down on the poster board, and apply a thin topcoat. Let it dry completely before cutting it out. Finally, attach the decal to the wall using removable Glue Dots.

Additional Notes: Ask local wallpaper and paint stores for old sample books to make this project practically free. Wall decals look better in groups, so make more than one. You can also try making fabric silhouettes for a similar effect


Rachel said...

those owls are so cute. u have way too many cute DIY ideas! time to steal them. lol
im going to be posting a diy metallic molding post which reminds me of this.
i actually did it in my house and love it.
just got a new camera got to get to snapping pictures for the post.
thanks for all the great DIY

Taj Acosta said...

@Rachel that sound great, can't wait to see it!

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