Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August/Summer Favorites

 Hola dolls! Here's my favorite products for August and
mostly for the summer.  I had to edit some out, because it was getting too big! Please let me know what your favorites have been for August and what I need to try! xoxo Keep It Glam! -Taj

I love coloring my hair and this new
foam color by John Frieda was really cool.
It took a little getting used to at first but
most importantly, I loved the rich even color it
gave my hair.
Next is the Argan oil from Sally's Beauty Supply
I LOVE this product. Go immediately and get it!
It smells amaazing and leaves my hair so silky.
I guess it's like moroccan oil, but this is like $6!

 Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF15 Lotion
I've been slathering this on myself all summer. It gives such a nice glow and smells nice, plus it's got spf!

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer
I've loved this for years, but I've been using it a lot lately and I always have it in my kit for makeup jobs. It's a flawless base for makeup.
Kate Somerville SPF30 Sunscreen
My go-to sunscreen. Never makes me breakout.

Keihl's Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment
This is always on my favs lists. It's been one of my holy grail
items that I can't live without. Try it nightly and see the difference ;)

 Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask
If you've got a party in one day, use this the night before and you're skin will look ten times better.

Queen Helen Oatmeal n' Honey Scrub
The granules are so fine and it smells yummie.

 I love this Boots Gentle Glycolic Peel
I got it at Target and it's such a great deal for revealing a fresh, glowing face.  Takes five minutes!

 Victoria's Secret Supermodel body Spray
Love the sultry smell.

Lierac Huile Sensorielle 
This oil is packed with so many exotic ingredients and smells 
out of this world. I use it on my skin, on my hair, and as a light perfume.
I found it at CVS in the higher end cosmetics section. It will last me forever!

 Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
Super creamy and fab.

Kevin Aucoin the Precision Eye Definer Gel liner in Shimmer
I love, love gel eyeliners and this is super glam.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel eyeliner in Black Ink
It lasts all night and is a true black.

 I'm super picky with black eyeliners and these are killing it: Milani Liquif'eye in Black.  Hands down, the best pencil liner. Creamy, pigmented, true black and long lasting.  Lorac in 02, creamy, black, glam.  Jordana in Onyx. I love that this pencil in $1.99 at Walgreens!!

 Elf Tinted Moisturizer
For $3 this is a steal and it's packed with vitamins.
Covergirl Wetslicks fruit spritzer in Guava, my all time favorite gloss.
L'Oreal LeGloss in Baby Blossom: Sooo pretty alone and over lipsticks. And smells like candy!

 Sonia Kashuk Kabuki Brushes
Super soft, super dense and love the packaging!
Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder. I love this powder it 
has such a nice glow to it.
Elf blush in Fuscia.  It's such a pretty color and it goes well
on any skin tone, it's unexpected and fun.  

Hope you try some of these out and let me know your favs of the month! xx


suki pooki said...

I want to try a chemical peel sooo badly and omg Im so jealous you got your hands on the TM from Elf! They don't sell ELF products in my city so I have to go down to the states to get it or order it offline! Im glad to hear it's got loads of vitamins!

lorenabr said...

Almost all products are not even on the market here at the end of the planet NZ! I need to get my hands on it online of course!

Katie said...

Id love to try the John Freida - it looks great!

SassyAgapi said...

i've been thinking about trying E.l.f.'s tinted moisturizer, I think soon!

Aggie602 said...

I also use the oatmeal masque it really buff out all the dead stuff, I really want to try that Glyoclic peel now. Monthly faves are some of my favorites things to know and watch, I did a video on mine lol.Ooh and Jordana is my fave black eyeliner for everyday inner rims of eyes.


the clinique cleansing mask and bobbi brown gel eyeliner are also my favourites ; )

Josie said...

I love John Frieda products!
xo Josie

cryskay said...

its always interesting to see what other ladies use. i love kiehl's eye cream! xx

Curves ahead makeup said...

great favorite !!! love all the things you liked !!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I also use the Moroccan oil for my unruly hair. lol. My skin care programme is pretty simple. Day/night cream in one, a serum and a self made face mask twice a month.

ChiChi81 said...

All these products are lovely. I am a huge fan of ELF, I'm happy to see it in your dresser. Lately, I've been so into BB Creams, it cut down my make-up regimen significantly, it's amazing.


A Single Girl's Musings

MosaMuse said...

nice post! i think i want an at home gentle peel product as well


amy b.s. said...

i seriously cannot figure out eyeliner, but i may have to try your pick to see if i can stop being so makeup impaired!

Karen said...

Nice! I really want to try the Kiehl's eye cream and hair oil!

janettaylor said...

they look great!

Glitterista said...

I adore Sonia Kashuk brushes. I bought my first one a few years ago and never looked back. I added that Clinique mask to my must-buy list. Thanks for all of the reviews! :)

Jenn said...

Great favorites!! I wanna try that mask :) xo

Punctuation Mark said...

isn't it amazing how happy beauty products make us? haha!

Anna of IHOD said...

You have some fantastic products. ELF and Laura Mercier are personal faves.
Need to try some of these out!

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Yo have such a nice selection of products! I love Laura Mercier for make-up and Kiehl's for body range. I tried the avocado eye cream and it was great. I also think that Creme de Corps by Kiehl's is the best body cream ever.

Today I also wrote a post about beauty products...!


la petite coquine said...

I'm practically drooling over all these yummy products-that avocado eye mask sounds heavenly!

Supergirl said...

Great post dear!
So many amazing products, would like to try a lot of them:)

Kavery said...

Reminds me I need a refill of Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer. Love that little tub

Andrea said...

i love clinique and kiehls :)

Rachel said...

oh im so glad you like argan oil! i was debating buying it because everyone RAVES about Moroccan oil but i am just way too cheap to buy it. lol so i will definitely do the argan. ok ur a make up pro, maybe you'll know something about this

so over the weekend i forgot my face wash when visiting some fam. i used my soon to be sister-in-laws proactiv cleanser because i couldn't NOT wash my face. bad choice. i have really sensitive skin, and at the time it was fine, but now i have all these tiny bumps on my face! not like pimples, but its just like every pore on my face is raised so it feels bumpy. um dr. taj what is this? lol i have an appt with the dermatologist. this better go away!

fifi said...

I cannot be without my Kiehl's avocado eye and LM secret concealer! You have some great items on here that I am gonna try!! Thanks for the tips! xo

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous products, darling!
I swear by Eucerin!


Kristen said...

This is a SERIOUS beauty collection!Also love the Kiehl's!!

AyoKimora said...

lipgloss...blusher and eyeliner really caught my eye....
such a shame i live in d uk :(


Tanvi said...

Great post! I am gonna go get that cheaper version of the Moroccan oil! :)
♡ from © tanvii.com

Jen said...

Loving all these tips, I'm not great at trying different brands and I love that you have your favorites all over. Elf, going to have to try, the hair products too! Fantastic post


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!

I tried the ELF Tinted Moisturizer and it was a big fail :-(


Kristin said...

Wow lady...your products collection puts mine to shame!

em.me.ma said...

kiels is everywhere now! and bobbi brown is my fave :)

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

WOW some of your favorites are super tempting I think you have given me some great ideas.. thanks for the post


Sovina said...

definitely need an eye cream and a good scrub..your selections are very helpful!. didn't know you are from Seattle..Yay!! so, where are you now?


hausofchic said...

thanks for the comment! great post!

milana2078 said...

Many thanks for your comment! Very interesting collection of favorites! Bravo!


Mimi said...

i want to dye my hair a different color, and i'm thinking of trying a foam dye. :)

these other products all look great, i am putting them on my list as we speak (or as i type?). ;)

<3, Mimi
$25 Apothica Gift Card Giveaway :)

*Glam Chameleon* said...

U have such an awesome make up and cosmetics collection, I would like to try so many thing from there!:) Thank u for this inspirational post!:)
Jelena (http://glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com/)

Audrey Allure said...

Looks like some great products!

adele said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was surprised to see Boots No 7 products!!!
Come follow me hun & I'll follow you right back xoxo

BlueVanilla said...

Great picks! Love argan oil! works wonders!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Antonia said...

This producs are amazing! Some of them I use too!!:)



Bad Joan said...

These are all really great products!


Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your favorites! I want to try the hair oil treatment.:D

Have a wonderful weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Isabel said...

i found 10 things i need to try. not a good thing. lol

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Thank you so much for sharing your makeup essentials..I always love reading about product reviews! I'll give a try to some of them! xoxoxoo

Nina Morena said...

Great post!! Very useful.
Thanks for your comment :)


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life in...Fiji said...

It's so odd everyone talking about Autumn when we're just going into Spring :) Glad you're doing summer posts!

The PvdH Journal said...

I see so so many products there that I love (or have used!). The Kiehls eye cream is always a must! Aragon oil is amazing... No7 serum (I jsut use the serum) has done wonders for my forehead lines (i might be 25, but I tend to make the funniest of faces!)... You've just inspired me to do one of these posts! I think I'll give it a shot soon!



Tanja-Mia said...

Hi, I like your shots.
Great blog, it is so awesome!
Check out mine :)

georgia~gigi said...

Haooy Weekend Taj :)
Thank you for sharing some of your products you love. I am always up for trying something new.
Sometimes I really miss working in cosmetics. Oh, and I REALLY miss getting free products, lol!
gi gi

t said...

great post!


The Annachrist said...

Beauty mogul!

Chloe Mia said...

I think I'm going to try the elf tinted moisturizer now. Thanks for sharing :)

Sunaina said...

You have some great products! I want to colour my hair too! Will check out the JF foam.

Fresh strawberry juice is so yummy and easy to make! I squeeze some oranges and mix them in the blender with lots of strawberries! It has lots of vitamins and is very sweet.

Happy Sunday!



LDM said...

i'm so jealous! i love john frieda and i can't get it here!

xx from hong kong :)

Trendygemm said...

Yo tambien te sigo, me encanta los cosmeticos de NARRS tienen un efecto en el rostro espectacular. Besos

DailyGlamour said...

great make up thing

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

Ok it's official. I need more product in my life! Look at all this fun stuff :)

OneCraftyFox said...

LUVS anything Lorac!! Thanks for sharing your fav's, doll ;)

aki! said...

I've been wanting to try the ELF Tinted Moisturizer. The thing that's been stopping me is that it's only SPF20...


Michelle's Style File said...

That moroccan oil substitute sounds good!


frenchleaveblog said...

Looks fancy to me even if it's not! I use only a kajal and some very basic cleansing products!

Anisa Young said...

So much makeup! I love buying it but I never find the time to ever wear it, fail! xxAnisa

All Glam Things said...

Need to try Glycerin Peel!


The Fashionable ESQ said...

I am so curious about that oil that you found at CVS! Im def. going to go and look for it. where do you use it?
I'm also super curious about the faux moroccan oil...does it smell as good as the 'real deal?' Also, have you ever used coconut oil? I want to try some b/c I've been reading a lot about it.
Glad I found your blog!

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