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 I'm loving these black ones with the belts for cruising around the house!
Why Choose Sheepskin Boots

A casual yet classy fashion statement, sheepskin boots are one item of footwear
which has snuck its way into many of our wardrobes over the last few years, and
with good reason. The benefits of these winter warmers are numerous – giving you
plenty of reasons to choose sheepskin boots.

Versatility of Styles

Sheepskin boots can be worn with anything from shorts to jeans and make an
extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe. Not only are these boots weather appropriate
 when it comes to the latter part of the year, but they’re also extremely comfortable.
 Sheepskin is described as being a pure thermostatic substance, which means it can
be worn both in the summer and winter months.

Today’s sheepskin styles come in a wide range of colours and designs. Many of the
more fashion forward boots appeal to a younger, more hip market and are often
given a high fashion look with embellishments and detailing.

As well as being on trend, these boots provide a cosy cushioning whilst allowing
your feet to breathe. Keeping your feet dry in the cold winter months is a must, so
sheepskin boots can be a real asset. Prior to wearing the boots outdoors, the user
should invest in a weather-resistant spray which will elongate the life of the boots
and give the outer material additional water resistance.

Superior Comfort

Because of the comfort of the shoes, many individuals choose to wear them in and
around the house. They have therefore overridden the humble slipper; again making
them extremely versatile.

Those that intend to wear the boots in a variety of weather conditions should think
about investing in a leather pair as opposed to those of a softer fabric. Although
suede looks extremely appealing, it can be difficult to clean and will often become
stained in wet weather.

How to Wear

Initially, the sheepskin style was very much aimed at women. Nowadays, it is just as
common in men’s outfits, however, where they are often teamed with denim jeans
and a fitted tee.

Such footwear is also extremely popular with young children; especially during the
cooler months. The vast range of available designs caters to younger tastes while the
quality of manufacturing and fabrics boast high levels of warmth.

The standard colour for sheepskin footwear is typically brown or beige but today’s
styles are available in everything from baby blue and soft pink to sequinned and
metallic options. This means that the humble sheepskin boot can now be paired with
almost any outfit and worn to any occasion – giving consumers plenty of reason to
invest in a pair....check out www.isme.com for a selection of boots.
Written by ISME.com.


Marina H said...

I love them too they're so comfortable and cute.

<3 Marina

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