Friday, February 22, 2013

Breakfast In Bed

I'm planning on having breakfast in bed this weekend, like the ladies do in Downton Abbey! Did anyone else just die over the finale last sunday? Hoping to get some painting done, some writing done and do some frolicking in the sun with baby glam. She's almost six months now in a couple weeks and growing ever so fast. After watching Life is But a Dream, Beyonce's documentary on HBO, she mentioned that after having her daughter, she helped her realize who she really was as a person. It was so refreshing to watch her finally open up to her fans and express her feelings. She said she struggles with sharing her personal life and keeping her creative work relevant. I so admire and love her even more now. I think that is something many of us relate to on a much smaller level as bloggers, how much do we share? How do we keep our creative work relevant to the changing times? The beauty in that answer for me is really following your own truth and not getting swayed by what everyone else is doing all the time. The sharing part, I'm working on that, I've always been very private. But I also love the idea of connecting with so many wonderful people through my blog and other social outlets like Instagram and Twitter. How do you decide how much to share and how to keep your creative vision relevant? Love to hear! Have a great weekend dolls! xoxo -Taj
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Stacey said...

breakfast in bed sounds like a wonderful idea:-)

Josie said...

This sounds like the PERFECT way to spend a morning.
xo Josie

allergic to vanilla said...

Well said, lady. It's a challenge for me to strike a balance of what I should and shouldn't share. Ah, the perils of being a fabulous blogger. ;)

xo Carlina
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Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! said...

So luxurious and yummy!!! Do visit me too doll! :)

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