Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It was all a dream

Been working sooo hard on my boutique. I'm on the grind.  I've met with all my vendors, and I'm working
on my inventory now. Styling my pieces, figuring out makeup and hair. It's all a dream.  But it's also
a little bit scary too, all the what-ifs.  Somehow, I just press forward and keep making leaps of faith. 
The best part is that I'm enjoying the journey in all of this. Being a mom, working full time, it can get overwhelming, but the dream, the passion, just gets more intense every step I make.  One of the things
I really love about being a woman, is that we truly can do it all.  The greater the challenge, we always
seem to rise to it all and keep pushing forward.  We can't ever give up, not because of age, or lack of education and money, and definitely not because of being a mom, and putting our dreams aside. We can't give up when we feel blue, or alone, and overlooked.  We have to remind each other to keep believing and hoping. Our dreams are real and they belong to us, and I for one, absolutely believe. xoxo -Taj

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VM Creation Atelier said...

Totally great post,Taj!!!

Take a little pause and have a wonderful rest of the week:-)*

Hugs to you,

Fashion art and other fancies said...

Well done on the boutique but don't forget to take time for you;-)

fifi said...

Inspiring!!! XOXO

Irene said...

Nice words, they're right. Only we, the women can!

xoxo aqnd carry on!

janettaylor said...

I need black pointy heels. :)

Gozika said...

So inspiring. Be of good courage. God will bless your efforts!

xoxo Gozika

Josie said...

I KNOW that it's going to be great, Taj!
xo Josie

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