Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That girl

Over the weekend I stopped by my favorite thrift store.  I always have certain things in mind when I go, otherwise it can be overwhelming.  Not to mention Saturdays everything is half off so you have the crazies running around snatching everything up.  I headed straight for the linens where, not many people graze. I found some beautiful pink napkins with delicate crochet details. I also scored a beautiful mint tablecloth for $3! The biggest score was a gorgeous seafoam green mirror for baby glam's room.  Hope your week is going well! xx -Taj
                                              (Thrifted linens with pretty details)
                                                (Shabby chic mirror)
              (I took Barbie's anniversary calendar and turned it into art work above baby glam's crib)
                       (Every glamour baby needs her own chandelier! Restoration Hardware)

My Irish rose! xx


VM Creation Atelier said...

Oh,my Godness.................Taj,dear!!!

HOW unforgatteble cute is your little Irish rose:-)))*
I san't resist it,I must to smile,she is adorable precious one!!!

Wish you great week ahead,girl!
Sending to you the sunshine hugs from Amsterdam,

fifi said...

she is so precious!!! and I adore her room! xo

Curves Ahead Make up said...

omg your daughter is just a doll !!! we need to go thrifting you have to take me pleaseeee

InesMrs.Venus said...

I wish you and your little sunshine a wonderful,and glam Morning!

Glammygirl is really a beauty! Her big eyes are looking really like she is satisfied Änderungen happy.

I will always love Barbie!!! Those pictures are wonderful. My daughter had a really barbieworld. But now she is 15 and a little lady. She has got a candelier, too. So I can feel the pleasure in your heart with such a little gem.

I love those napkins, too!!! A wonderful color for spring.

Enjoy your day, Darling.

A big Hugo to you both!!!

XO Ines

InesMrs.Venus said...

Dear, Iam sorry for some faults in my comment. I am writing on an IPad and it gives me always suggestions for my words and sometimes I dont recognize it.
The word Änderungen means a n d !

Josie said...

I love that mirror -- too cute.
xo Josie

Nicoleta_B said...

Sooooooo sweet :* :* :*

Have a lovely evening,



janettaylor said...

Awhhhhh, so adorable! :)


That Restoration Hardware chandelier is the best! Such an adorable last snapshot as well! :)

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