Friday, April 26, 2013

Pretty Fav Things and Rachel K CC Cream Review

Some of my favorites this week all happen to be pink...hmm. (wink wink) I'm finally getting
around to doing a review for the Rachel K CC Cream!  Lastly, it's Friday, and it's been a long week
of work. I have some great interviews coming up in the next couple of weeks with some inspiring people. It's a new series I'm doing since I work in Los Angeles and have the opportunity to rub shoulders with
so many talented, successful people, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of their advice, thoughts and fashion/beauty favorites with all of us! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
p.s. the boutique is launching very very soon! xoxo -Taj

Rachel K CC Beauty Balm
Here's what it claims:
CC Cream is a much more refined and improved BB cream which combines various benefits all in one - color control, oil control, whitening, brightening, moisturizing and UV protection with SPF 35 PA ++. It enhances our complexion by improving its texture, balancing skin tone and brings forth the quality of real skin - dewy, fresh, elastic and with a glow. The end effect is a flawless, non oily (matte) and radiant complexion.

A CC cream is a color correction cream.
The CC cream comes in two color ranges: Original (pink undertones) & Neutral (yellow undertones).  I use the darker of the two, neutral. It comes in 1.4 fl oz.
To apply I use my fingers and pat it on. I don't suggest rubbing it in as it doesn't apply as well.
The consistency is creamy, smooth and matte. I use it as a primer under my everyday makeup and on my clients more so than a tinted cc cream alone.  I find that it easily disappears into my skin covering redness, fine lines, pores and pigmentation. I personally only apply this product in the areas where I need it. Mostly, my t-zone and anywhere I have pigmentation or visible pores.  On my clients, I use it on fine lines, acne scares and t-zone. 
The scent of this product is nearly nonexistent, but when I apply it I do notice a slight scent that disappears soon after applied (it is a very natural scent that I cannot quite describe).  I do find that it brightens my face with a lovely glow, however it is on the borderline of being too light for my skin tone.  If you are a NC 30 or darker I would not suggest wearing this alone as it will be too light! But I do recommend that ANY color complexion can wear it as a primer and that is my suggestion for this product overall anyway. If you have dry skin you will want to moisturize before using this product. Oily skin complexions will love this product for it's mattifying effect. It dries to a velvety finish.  After it sets, I apply foundation and powder.  I find that it makes any makeup last much longer and keeps the set well. I also noticed that in flash photography it is unnoticeable and leaves no white cast  It fills in pores & lines wonderfully, and it improves overall skin brightness and acne scars.  I have noticed an improvement in my skin over the last couple of months.
Overall, I find that as a primer, applied in a proper way, it is a game changer and I highly recommend it for anyone. 
Currently it is available only online at
Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself and these are my honest opinions. 

Crown brushes
So soft and dense. I love all the eye brushes the best. 

Physicians Formula Happy Booster
Love the sparkly little hearts! Perfect for swooshing over my neck and
 decolletage area for a warm glow!

Not only is it 95% organic and 100% natural, this strawberry one reminds me of
my strawberry shortcake doll I used to have when I was a child! Smells just like it!

Kate Spade Twirl Parfum
I love the pink, orange and gold packaging!
The confetti bottle and the very cocktail-ish scent of  pink watermelon,
blackberry and red currant is a must!


Julia said...

I also like pink:)

InesMrs.Venus said...

Good Morning, beautiful Lady!
I wish you a relaxing weekend with your family!
I am very glad to have you in my life, cause you are the needful glamour for me. Here in Germany women aren't very glamouros and I miss that.
I love pink and girly and glittering things, too. I love the brushes ( my daughter is here and she said : WOW) and a long time ago you had a wonderful post how to wash them. I've never forgotten this and when I wash my brushes I always think of you :-)
BB creams are heavenly. But the lightes color is too dark for me. So I use the normal makeup like always.
I know the feeling, when you smell something and you remember your childhood. I used to eat a strawberry icecream that smelled so tasty.
I like it, that you present your favourites, but it's a shame, that I can't get them here.

So it's time for me, preparing the breakfast for my lovelys. I love it to stand up early and having a little bit time for me alone and my wonderful glam friends...

Love, Ines

janettaylor said...

Nice parfume!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Hi Taj darling ... I've not tried a CC cream yet and I'm curious, thanks for the review. My skin tends to be on the drier side so moisture moisture moisture is always important for me so it may be a little drying for my skin but I'd still like to try it for its benefits. Loved reading about some of your favorite things ... I love the Twirl box too (and the bottle!) xoxo ~S

SANDY M Illustration

Johanna V said...

Those brushes look so great! ♥ xo

BlondeTeaParty said...

Great review!I love my Rachel K CC cream and I use it exactly how you described!It's just perfect under my foundation. x

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