Thursday, May 16, 2013


The director and I went out for a bite to eat last night at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  It's a little
hole in the wall, hidden gem sort of place here in LA.  I ordered the tacos dorados and boy were they good! Perfectly stewed meat, shredded lettuce, mexican crema, tomatoes, and monterrey cheese in a crispy taco!  Of course I also ordered a horchata, (a sweet rice flavored drink) which I could drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We then decided to stop buy the grocery store and since we were in the hood, we went into a market called Vallarta.  As soon as you walk in, all the senses are overwhelmed. There is this loud spanish music blasting overhead; happened to be a mix of regional banda, merengue, and cumbias to be exact! Brightly colored piñatas hang from the ceilings waving in the breeze from the air conditioner and people are moving around everywhere you turn! The bakery is pumping out freshly baked pan dulces (sweet breads). It was like a super market party! Baby glam loved all the hustle and bustle! I think it's safe to say, it is the funnest grocery shopping experience I've had in a while!

A few obsessions...

(New sparkly shoes...a girl can never have too many!)

 (Beautiful earrings from my dear friend Splendarosa, check out her blog here!)

(Confession: I'm slightly obsessed these days with shower caps! I love deep
conditioning my hair in them or doing home made oil treatments!)

(I found the cutest notebooks in the Target $ section!)

(Glitter tape for all my sparkly projects)

(New paint brushes)

(Wasabi tape, aren't they precious on these spools!)

(A new little glam treasure I found!)


Supergirl said...

Tos uzrasu knygutes kokios mielos!!:)

Marsha Splenderosa said...

Taj, all of these little things make every girl happy. Love your comment about the shower caps.
And, those X10. Thanks for the shout out, darling. Kiss the baby for me. xx's

Josie said...

Those sparkly shoes -- I DIE.
xo Josie

Wendy said...

Those shoes WOW!!! Really, really love them! <3

I have a nice giveaway up on the blog (Vogue T-shirt)


Rin Handika said...

uh woww i can't say anything about those sparkly shoes,the shoes is to die for!
You have nice blog awwh love it, Im following you now :D hope you will follow me back, kisses <3

InesMrs.Venus said...

Hi, Dear,
your day sounds wonderful! I am sure, that's a pleasure to visit this grocery. Such adventures are soulfood for the whole family. That's why I love the lines on the notebook. It's great being a fashionista and being glam, but being in the kitchen with the kids , having good discussions while cooking is invaluable.
Your new shoes are heavenly!!! YSL lipsticks are divine- soooo creamy. My new red lipstick is also from YSL.
I love your glitterthings. Hat's what (big) girls need :-))
I never tried out showercaps, yours are cute!

And thanks for your visit. Our house is only rented. We had a own house , but then my husband got a new job and we had to move and selled it. I had planted lots of roses and lavender, too and I was soooo sad to leave my beautiful garden. So I have the most flowers here in pots. One day we will buy a house again when it's sure, that we stay.

So enjoy your weekend !
Hugs to you and a kiss for Glammymouse!
Love, Ines

Are you painting? I have a blockade since a year, that's a shame

allergic to vanilla said...

All fab things for a fab lady! p.s. I'm in LA right now, visiting for a graduation ;)

xo Carlina

Johanna V said...

Lovely things, no wonder you're obsessed with them ;) ♥

Caramella said...

You sure have gorgeous obsessions! I am obsessed with vintage fashion, and chihuahuas:) I saw one here on the side, I have a little one too. I am following you on GFC and bloglovin

Sandra Martinez said...

Hi beautiful!! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it like always :)
Great post, i really like the photos you choose for it!!
Come to see my new post at;

Julia Mickiewicz said...

nice blog! :)
come and visit me, if u like follow on GFC or facebook :) kisses from Poland!

Valerie Falcon said...

Hi Love your blog and all your great finds! new follower talk to you soon Hugs :)

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