Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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Hi sweets!
I'm so in love with summer! We just got back from San Antonio Texas
 and it was super humid and hot.
I drank so much sweet tea I think I'm addicted again!
I'm happy to be home though, I missed my little pups and my pool!
Hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far. xoxo -Taj


Lisa Denise said...

So loving this post hun. The first image is to die for.

Lisa x

VM Creation Atelier said...

Taj, looks amazing again:)*
Just beautiful come back!

Hugs from here,


InesMrs.Venus said...

So enjoy your sweet home and recover from the travel.
Here is it cold and rainy again:-(
X Ines

Anonymous said...

I love the second and the third photo! It's gorgeous! ^^

Josie said...

That pink house is fab! Have a fun weekend!
xo Josie

Johanna V said...

Adorable photos, they really made me smile :) ♥

Anonymous said...

love the lacy looks and the pink house is adorable - there is a pink house on my block,
the two sisters have the inside decorated like a jewel box.

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