Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview: Five Minutes With Sandy M

1.  Sandy you have so many fabulous illustrations, tell us a little bit about
Ooh La Frou Frou and how did you start?

 Thank you, Taj!  My specialty is fashion illustration … and since I love
 illustrating luxurious places such as New York, Beverly Hills or Paris, you’ll
find that many of my fashion illustrationswill have a background featuring city
 excitement, such as: taxis to be flagged down, lovely boutiques they’re
shopping in, luxurious hotels, streets dotted with upper east side townhouses
 and luxury penthouseapartments with sparkling city views.  

What began in 2010 with an illustrated blog ( and
 a line of myillustrations on cards has now grown into a booming custom illustration business.
  I love opening my e-mail inbox each morning and reading the illustration requests
 that my clients have in store for me.   I recently allowed the original card designs
 to sell out in order to create a new SANDY M website (in the works) that will
 feature not only my custom illustration portfolio and ordering information, but prints
 and a variety of items that will carry my illustrations, as well!   Stay tuned!
 I’ll announce the new site on my blog, Ooh La Frou Frou.  
Also coming soon: I will be illustrating for Adorno Magazine, a luxury on-line home magazine.
 (to sign up for notification of the first issue, go here: ( ).
2.  Your work is so glamorous and chic, how do you keep coming up with
new ideas to keep it fresh?
I simply think about the things that I’d like to do if money were no object …
who wouldn’t like to be jetting to Paris, lying on a beach in St. Tropez,
to be having tea at the Plaza?  The options are endless and I’m all about fantasy
 being nearly as good as the real thing!  So I pick up my brush, dip it
into my watercolors and create that world.

3.  What do you do when you are not working?

 Last year, we purchased a historical home on the water  and when I’m not in the studio
we’re restoring and I’m decorating the house in what I call a glam beach house style …
I’m taking it room by room and when the first floor is finished, the upstairs will begin!
The kitchen will be gutted this winter and I cannot wait for a new white kitchen!

4.  Who or what inspires you?
I’d have to say that I’m inspired by all of the things that I find beautiful.
 I am certainly not an artist that focuses on dark themes … I’m all about the happy,
 the pretty, the exciting, the luxurious, the sophisticated!

                     5.  Lastly, what is your favorite summer beauty product right now?

On a recent trip to the hairdresser, I was sold on the shine serum they used
 on my hair (it’s sold at the salon).  It’s called Goldwell Shine Serum ($24).
 My hair has a soft natural waves and I often let it dry naturally for
 soft curls, but when I dry it straight, this shine serum works so great for
 a sleek, soft shine.

For illustration inquiries, just drop me a line at

Thanks Sandy!

xxo -Taj


Jennifer at A Well Styled Life said...

I adore Sandy's illustrations. She paints the world the way I want to see it.

VM Creation Atelier said...

I love Sandy´s illustrations so much....!!!

Lively and beautiful:)))*

Hugs to you,sweetheart Taj!!!


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Hi Taj! Thanks so much for featuring me in the interview ... it was a pleasure! xox ~S

SANDY M Illustration

Tatiana Kotomina said...

Your blog is so interesting! Like it:)

Thanks for your comment. I'm your new follower now.
Hope you will enjoy my blog and follow:)

Marie Zamboli said...

Hi what a cute nice blog honey you have.....My name si Marie I am a Blogger based in italy and I was wandering if we could follow each other GFC bloglovin
Let me know I will ollow back as always! Love Marie.


miss b said...

I've been folowing Sandy's blog for quite a while now and it's always full of gorgeous inspirational images and of course those beautiful chic illlustrations. A very talented and creative lady!

Janet Taylor said...

WOW! Love this blog... thanks for sharing...

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

I LOVE Sandy's illustrations and blog posts; pure girlie escapism at it's best x

Martina said...

Wow, i didn't know Sandys work yet and instantly fell in love! Thanks for the interview - such a treat! And for coming to visit me - i hope you're having a lovely summer so far - first one with baby is special! Till soon! xx

VM Creation Atelier said...


I get nervous.....a little smile on my face...
You wrote about an interview!!!
Such a very wonderful idea and I am really honoured:)*


Oh to Be a Muse said...

These are illustrations by her that I haven't seen until now. I totally love Ooh La Frou Frou and all these great drawings.

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse

Chicago Chic said...

Her illustrations are so gorgeous! Loved reading more about her!!


Fashionista622 said...

A fantastic interview! Love your blog and linked right over from Sandy's blog. It was great to read this since I am a big fan of Sandy's work and former client. She designed a lovely glam personal illustration for me. It was so beautiful I used it as my blog header. Great to connect with you and congrats on your blog and this fab one on one with Sandy!



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