Monday, August 12, 2013

Sock Bun Hairdo

All the rage these days is the sock bun hairdo. I love to wear my hair up to work and I usually wear it in a high bun twist. With a baby at home it's also easier to just have my hair up and out of her reach otherwise she is always pulling it! I've been wanting to try out this particular look so I thought it would be fun to share a little tutorial for those who are late to this particular look like me! One thing I will say, at first it takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it does turn out quite easy.
For my bun, I chose the donut by Expressions by Almar that you can get at a drugstore for a couple dollars but you could also try the sock technique which is just cutting the bottom of one of your socks (preferably a darker color sock) and then rolling it up into a thick donut shape from one end to the other. Make sure you have bobby pins and your favorite hairspray. The best hair for this look, as with most updos is second day hair. But if your hair is clean or naturally slippery, use a texturizing spray or just plain old hairspray to do the trick. This will make it easier to hold the style without using so many pins. The tricky part of this whole look is when you have the donut at the top of your hair and you begin rolling your hair around it. Just spread the hair around the donut and keep rolling. It seems hard at first but once it starts catching it will be very quick! I think this bun would be so cute for shopping or lunch with friends with some pretty sparkly earrings! Now I've got very long hair and I know lots of girls wear extensions these days so this would be perfect for someone with extensions too. For those of you looking for a great hair extension brand is a great site to try. They have gorgeous virgin peruvian hair which from what I hear, is very coveted silky hair! Have you guys every tried extensions? What has your experience been with them? I would love to know! One thing I love is being adventurous with hair, it keeps things fresh and helps you not to get into a rut with your look! Try this bun look out if you haven't already! xx -Taj


Anonymous said...

I still haven't tried this yet - I need to though!

Johanna V said...

I can't wait to grow out my hair so much that I can properly do a big bun like that! It's so chic! ♥

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