Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkin is the New Black Part 2

Another week closer to October! My birthday month, so of course I am even more excited! It has seemingly turned to fall around Los Angeles this past week. The wind has been blowing and the leaves are falling in the streets. Although the days are still pretty warm, the nights have gotten very cool and we've had to add warm furry blankets to the bed. I'm not quite ready to pull out the flannel sheets yet though!
I love using the crock pot this time of year and making stews. Not only are they healthy, but also easy peasy to make. When I saw this picture for pumpkin stew, my mouth started watering! I've been tearing recipes out of magazines for soups and stews too. Nothing makes me feel more cozy than a warm soup when I get home from work! What are your fall comforts? Hope you have a cozy weekend! Chicken, Mushroom and pumpkin stew recipe click here


Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks said...

I love using the crockpot this time of year too! Thanks for the recipe link -- it looks so yummy! Heading there now. x

Irene said...

I love October because it's my birthday as well :)! have a great month!


VM Creation Atelier said...

October is indeed amazing month by Autumn season. Love your choices of images!
Wishing you beautiful weekend,

Fashionista622 said...

Oh I love autumn myself, its all the beauty of the leaves, the crisp chill and the holidays.

Yay for your birthday month coming up. xo


Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Love my crockpot too!! THat dish looks so tasty!

Daisy Dayz

Julia said...

Hola que bonito bloc, me ha encantado, yo tengo uno hace poco al cual te invito a verlo .

Me gustan tus fotografias son una maravilla
Muchas felicidades por tu bloc


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