Friday, February 28, 2014

DIY: Pastel Glitter Shell Wreath

It's raining cats and dogs here in LA and that gives me time to share my
latest DIY! I would say my house decor is somewhat beach glam, as my favorite place 
on earth is always a trip to any beach! (especially Hawaii!!) I'm a big
believer in decorating your house with what you love and what makes you happy
to look at! 
So here I've got a pretty Spring pastel colored shell wreath. Super easy to make, and
a lot of fun too! 

What you'll need:
A glue gun & glue sticks
Pastel Glitters
Shells: I found mine at Marshall's
Modge podge
a sponge brush or paint brush
Pretty Ribbon

First, layout some newspaper, as the glitter and glue gets messy.
Then, start gluing your shells around the wreath in whatever pattern you fancy. 
Let the glue set and dry.

Next, apply with a brush or sponge brush a light layer of Modge podge on select shells
and sprinkle your pretty glitters.  This part is fun! 
Let the glitter set and dry.

Finally, I added some faux pearls around the areas where there
was spaces or glue showing.  I found a package at Walmart 
for around $2!
I added this gorgeous sequins ribbon that I found after Christmas on clearance!
I always stock up on ribbon after the holidays, it's the best time to score pretty
designs that you don't see in regular stock.  
Just tie a pretty bow around the wreath in a area where the shells
won't break off and hang wherever you like!

We've got clouds so the pics are a little dark, but the shimmer is so pretty in person! 
With spring and Easter coming up, these pastels are a beautiful touch!
Hope you try it out and tag me with your own versions!! Happy DIY -ing!
xoxo -Taj


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