Monday, March 17, 2014

Table Makeover

I finally got around to getting the finishing touches done on this
table that I found at the thrift store.  I believe it was $5! Yep, a super deal. But let 
me tell you, it was in way worse shape than this photo lets on! For one, it was
so dusty and grimy I had to sand it down twice! But I could see the potential of this little 
gem and just had to have it.  
At first I was going to paint it a bright color, but I decided that since my casa is pretty
colorful paint wise, I would keep it simple and chic with white. I absolutely love how it turned out
and it is a perfect little table in my living room in between two chairs (that I still need to re-upholster!! It's never ending!)  It's a a perfect little nook for tea or reading a book.

I gave this little guy a heavy duty wipe down and sanded twice.
I removed the tarnished, black handles and thought about
replacing them all together but, I just thought they had so much charm
so I tried several ways to clean them up from tarnish and grime.

I found this Brasso at Walmart and it was the only thing that worked. I read 
about vinegar and baking soda etc. online but none of that worked for me.
This was the simplest, quickest way to remove them.  They turned out sparkling!

Overall, it was an easy project, and I'm glad I kept the original handles!
I love it's charm and Shabby Chic appeal! Can't beat that makeover
for less than $10!! 
xoxo -Taj


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