Friday, June 20, 2014

First Impressions: Essence Cosmetics

Hi love's!

I'm super excited about Essence cosmetics! I haven't tried a
drugstore brand that I've been this impressed with in a long while.  I first found
their adorable mini nail polishes a few years back at Ulta and absolutely loved them by the way.
I personally think all nail polishes should be mini! Do we ever finish those regular bottles anyway girls? 
When I heard that Essence was carrying a new line at Walgreens I was looking forward
to testing it out and here's some of what I loved!

Essence Metal Glam eyeshadows are by far my favorites out of the collection.
I was so impressed with the pigmentation and beautiful shimmery colors. 
My favorite was the rosie gold, (Frosted Apple) it is such a gorgeous everyday, 
wearable shade that I will definitely be repurchasing! Of course I love the name
for these little gems too, Metal Glam! I would take one in every shade, and for 
the price and color payoff, and lasting wear, you just can't beat this deal! 

(Frosted Apple, Coffee to Glow, Jewel up the Ocean)

My next favorite was the Sun Club All -in -one bronzer highlighter.
This has been in my makeup bag nonstop!! I love, love the mixture
of peachy, bronze, rose gold, sandy-shimmer colors. I swirl them all 
together and it gives me the perfect summer glow I love.  I don't feel too shimmery or
shiny after application.  And most important I didn't get any ruddiness from the bronzy browns either which happens in many bronzers. The one I chose was for brunettes in Sun Glow.  But I really
think anyone could wear this shade.  

(On the Catwalk, Wear Berries, Dare to be Nude)

Next up are the lippies.  I found them to be very moisturizing and they have a faint sweet smell 
that I liked.  Pigmentation is more sheer, which I love for the summertime.  As for
longevity, I had to reapply throughout the day as a usual lipstick would.  The Dare to be Nude is a great
pretty pinkish nude and doesn't wash you out at all.  That and Wear your berries were my favorites.  I really love the sleek packaging and for the price, this is another beauty steal, with many pretty colors to chose from.

Overall, I  loved the items, one of the mascaras, Get Big Lashses, dried up really fast on me and I'm
not sure if it was just that bottle or the formula. It seemed like it would have been good and I may
try it again.  The other mascara, Lash Mania is fabulous and I will be talking about it in my next upcoming favorites.

So the next time you're in Walgreens, take a peek and try a few of these 
Essence collections out for yourself!  Prices range from $.99-$4.99 If you have any favorites please let me know!

xoxo -Taj


Carolyn said...

The essence cosmetics brand has surprisingly good quality! I like it too.
Carolyn | BLOG

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