Monday, June 30, 2014

Glam Book: Homemade Nail Polish by Allison Rose Spiekermann

Summertime is all about the nail polish isn't it?! Flip flops and a set of brightly manicured toes
is pretty fab.  
I came across the book Homemade Nail Polish by Allison Rose Spiekermann and
found some great ideas for making my own polish and designs.

One tip I am putting to use is adding a bit of thinner to my older thickened 
polishes. You can find it at Sally's Beauty Supply and it leaves the finish gorgeous again!

Another great idea is to make polish with eye shadows. This leaves the color combos endless!
There a so many recipes in this book to give you nail glam for days.  

(My own inspired nail art after reading the book)
One of my favorite ideas in the book is using a pretty hole punch to create a nail art stencil.
Simply punch a piece of masking tape and then apply tape to nail, then paint over stencil and you
have a pretty design!  If you are a nail polish lover like me, I think I have over 100 bottles, (eek!)
then you will love this book and all it's great ideas! xoxo -Taj

(Homemade Black with Iridescent Glitter & Shimmer)


Alela Sirah said...

I love the black glitter. I wonder if I could really recreate something like that at home??

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