Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Glam Book: The New Braiding Handbook

Summer is the perfect time in my opinion to rock the braids! 
Popping to the pool or beach with a pretty braid is
super chic and pretty.  Abby Smith's book, The New Braiding Handbook
has so many amazing styles to choose from.  
I'm not the best at braiding, I won't lie! There are definitely some
level 3 braids in this book for the experts.  But there are also a lot of simpler
braids like the Falling Bohemian Twist and the Waterfall Braid that I love for a pretty, beachy California girl look.
(Waterfall Braid)

The book gives you a step by step visual tutorial on how to achieve each
look and is filled with endless styles to try out.
This book is another great find for glam hair inspiration! Hope you check it out 
and try some braids! 

xo -Taj


Tanya said...

I like the braids.

♥ tiffany said...

Great find! I'll definitely check this out!

Maria Cartagena said...

I always love braids especially on the weekends and summer time. What a great tutorial book. XOXO


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