Monday, August 18, 2014

Chair Makeover -DIY

This past weekend I finally decided to tackle re-upholstering this chair.  
It was a thrift store find for less than $10!

This was my first time re-upholstering a chair  of this sort.  I have re-upholstered dining chairs,
 but they are much easier to do since you basically just pop the seat out and recover them.  I 
read lots of advice on how easy it was to transform a chair, so I thought
I would share my experience with you guys and encourage you
to try it out too!

I prepped and primed the chair by removing all the fabric and trim. Scissors 
came in handy for this step.

Then I lightly sanded the frame with a low grade sandpaper.

Next I spray painted the frame a bright glossy white. I used Rust-Oleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint & Primer. I love this paint and highly recommend it
 for these kind of projects.  I let it dry over night.

I kept all the panels from the chair to use as a pattern guide for my new fabric.

I gave myself about and extra inch just to be safe.

Next, I ironed my cut out pieces so that they were nice and crisp.  Depending 
on the fabric you choose, you may not need to do this.

Basically, the only tools you will need for this project are: a heavy duty
stapler  and staples,  a glue gun, lots of glue sticks, scissors, 2 yards of trim 
and your fabric.

I started by stapling the fabric all around the bottom edges.  Make sure you line
up your fabric beforehand and step back so you can get a good 
picture of how it will look.  
The only really tricky part is the corners.  You've got to pull it real taught and
get the right fold over of the fabric.  It just takes a few tries and you'll get the hang of it.
It's kind of like folding in the bottom corners of a bed sheet.  

Once you've got all your fabric stapled on, then you start adding the trim.
I used a 2 inch trim but, I would have preferred a 3 inch.  It still looked great, but
I think it would have been easier.

This part for me was the most nerving at times.  I would
suggest beginning in an area you won't see as much like the back. That way 
you can get a a good idea of the glue and trim and how to lay it down best.

Go easy with the glue otherwise you'll have glue popping thru the trim.  

I did a double layer in some areas like the arm rests and the back.  I though it
just looked nicer that way and it needed it to cover all the fabric.
My advice on this, is to keep telling yourself that it doesn't have to 
be perfect and to just do your best.  The first time doing this, there are 
going to be little mistakes that no one but you will even notice! 

I didn't like how one of the arm rests turned out, (being a perfectionist!) so I ripped it off
and started over.  This is where I had first started out and by the time I was done with the chair
and had gotten the hang of it, I felt I could redo it and make it look much better, so I did. This is
why I suggest starting in the back of the chair! 

Overall, it took me about 3 hours to re-upholster the chair.
I wouldn't say it was "super" easy, but it is definitely something one can
get better at as you go along.  I enjoyed the project and am very
happy with the results!   I have a beautiful, expensive looking chair for less than $20!

Here's my finished chair! Now I have a perfect little nook to sit and read 
and drink my tea!
I hope you will give re-upholstering a try!
There are so many great fabrics to choose from and that is really half the fun!


The Lion said...

Magnificent job!!! Very impressive!!!

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