Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dinner is Big, Bold and Tasty!

 Disclosure: Thank you to Bellisio Foods for sponsoring today's post and keeping my meals tasty &
bold. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible.

The Director and I love going to Happy hour at Chili's every now and then. (If we 
happen to steal a date night away from baby glam!)
So when I heard about this new line of Chili's® at Home frozen foods which was 
inspired by some of the restaurant's most popular dishes, I was all in.  

As a working mom, running my own business and managing a 2 year old, I need
a few dinner ideas every now and then that won't take hours to make.  
I love how Chili's® Big Bold & Tasty meal  is exactly just that! 
The dish I chose was Nacho Potatoes with Beef and Bacon.
It had delicious Fire Roasted Peppers which I absolutely loved!  The zesty, bold
taste is great paired with a nice big salad. 
The dish was super easy to prepare, just pop it in a skillet and 
let the wonderful flavors cook.  Within minutes, a delicious 
 meal, that doesn't taste like a frozen meal!

 One easy, happy meal for my family, makes me a happy mom and wife! Hope you 
will give Chili's® at Home a try too!

Head over to Chili's At Home Website for details on all the bold frozen food meals they offer
+ a $1 off Coupon!

What would you pair your Chili's At Home Frozen Meal with?


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