Monday, September 22, 2014


Just a few of my current favs that I'm loving...

 For hair I've been using the new V05 Salon Series for Frizz control. It's been so
humid in L.A. lately and this has really helped. It has vitamins E,C,H, B5, & B3! Wow right!
It smells amazing and is budget friendly. I have the whole line and I absolutely love it.

Next is dp Hue Oil Therapy.  This is like liquid gold for your hair! It's a blend of argan oil,
Liquid Shea butter & vitamins A & E. I use it after I wash my hair and it leaves my hair shiny,
Soft and frizz free. Like all things important to me, it smells heavenly!

Skin: Lierac Paris Magnificence Day & Night Velvety Cream
I love Lierac products, they are made in France and are always super
glamorous! I've been using this thick but velvety cream on my neck, face & the backs
of my hands. It says it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, firms, plumps &
smoothes texture. I usually use it at bedtime since it's so thick and when I wake up
my skin feels soft and radiant.

Venox Anti-aging Serum by Beverly Hills MD
Used before your moisturizers, serums pack
a punch of nutrients into the skin. This serum contains palmitoyl peptides which
aid in activating collagen development. It also has ginkgo biloba tree & aloe extracts.
I read that many people used this instead of Botox, so I've been giving it a try.
I don't have any wrinkles yet, but some fine laugh lines and this seems to keep them
at bay so far.

Pearly Wipes
These little one-time use packs are perfect for your purse. They help with coffee and tea stains, bad breath & smell like peppermint!

Mally High Shine liquid lipstick
Love!! This glam little snake print tube is wonderful! It has great pigment, isn't sticky and lasts
forever! I tried orchid and will definitely try some other shades for fall.

Jimmy Choo Flash parfume
I've been obsessed! It smells so chic and sexy I can't get enough!

Freeman Facial Brightening Mask Golden Rain
I love masks and I've used Freeman products since I was a teenager!
This mask is a gel that contains vitamin c and helps keep dark spots at bay.
It firms and brightens skin and smells heavenly!

Freeman Clay Mask Avocado & Oatmeal
This purifying mask is one of my all time favorites.
Clay, avocado, vitamin E & oatmeal moisturize , nourish and cleanse
my skin to perfection. I use this once a week religiously.

DSP Vitamin C Peptide Skin Mist
This mist is just fabulous. I spray it on my
face and neck every morning. The antioxidants
build up the vitamin C levels in the skin and
encourage new collagen formation and help
brighten my complexion.

Sublime Beauty Face Whisperer Day
I've been using this everyday. It contains
Argireline a natural Botox,  cucumber, carrot, aloe, sweet almond oil & avocado!
My skin feels so soft after I apply it, I love that it doesn't feel greasy before I apply makeup and sunscreen.

Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind
This is a peptide tinted lip treatment with SPF 20.
I've been using this when I run my daily errands. It has a pretty pink tint & smells minty.
It has vitamin E, peptides & anti-oxidant rich butters that condition.  Love!

Please share or tag me with any of your current loves!! Xo -Taj


Johanna V said...

Those sound like great products. I like seeing these posts because sometimes they can make one find awesome products! ♥

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