Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Time

Fall Makes me so happy! I love me some summer, but as
soon as it turns fall I'm ready for pumpkin everything!
First stop is Bath & Body Works for their fall candles and
hand soaps! My fav this year has got to be the 
pumpkin cupcake scent! Check it out if you haven't smelled
it, divine!

My glam dog Vida celebrates the 1st day of Fall every year!

Sparkly pumpkin hoarder!

My mantle has since been updated with a few more sparkles but, I just love
the sparkly black pumpkins this year.

Fall wouldn't be right without a stop at Trader Joe's. That pancake
mix with whip cream on top is heavenly, just sayin!
What are your fall favs so far?

xo, Taj


Alela Sirah said...

I liked the pumpkin scent last year too! I think it was sweet cinnamon pumpkin! Yummy!

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