Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Golden Life

(Dior J'adore, Milani, Gerard Cosmetics, Gucci)

Happy New Year! 2014 sure flew by didn't it? Christmas felt like it went by in a week to me!
I'm looking forward to this year, I've got lots of new projects lined up and a great trip.  But I'm most excited about focusing on the simple things this year.  Spending less, saving more.  Instant gratification seems to be all over social media these days, and as much as I love seeing all the great deals and beautiful finds from Target and other great spots, I need a break from that "gotta have it" mentality that is so contagious in the blog and Instagram world.
One thing I want to focus on is my organic garden in the back yard. I'm super excited to get that going once spring hits. I'm still juicing strong since last January and I'm very proud of myself for that! So I'll be continuing the healthy eating journey and sharing new healthy products like cosmetics and body products that are more natural based.  I've got a big makeup collection, so letting go of any of it scares me, but it's time to face the facts on parabens and chemicals in everyday cosmetics.
Most important, I want to enjoy my family time and just being a mom to my little glam doll.  I've learned that every day I need a full cup of grace to be the best mom to her.  It's the most important job I've ever had! I know I don't usually share too much on here of my personal life, this year I want to open up a little more and write a little more...I actually really enjoy it!
What are your goals this year? Saving money? Eating healthy? More family time and less social media? Whatever it is I want to support you! Looking forward to a super fabulous golden year ahead dolls! I've got some great posts coming up, getting a reboot; detox/cleanse is first up! xoxo


Maria Cartagena said...

You and I seem to be on the exact same wave path. The golden and healthy path! I agree, although I'm not setting anything in stone I am trying to eat better, be more aware and not sweat the small stuff. I had a very tough 2014 so this year I am trying but allowing myself to live in the moment. Great post! I have also made some changes to my blog, hope you will stop by. XOXO



Tanya said...

i love the photo. happy new year.


VM Creation Atelier said...

Hi sweetheart!
Just a very HAPPY NEW 2015 to you and your family,beautiful girl!:)))
THANKYOU for your kind words,
I am glad you'r back here!

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