Monday, March 16, 2015


The Director and I decided to do this HUM Cleanse to the Rescue together.  We've both been sick a lot  already this year so we wanted a fresh start. In addition to juicing daily we added these 21-daily packets.
Each packet contains 4 capsules that last one day.  2 with food and 2 between meals.  They contain organic chlorella and green algae that eliminate toxins and herbs that  help cleanse the liver, kidneys and blood for clear skin.  There's 18 digestive enzymes and ginger & peppermint which helps break down carbs and fats.

Within a week we both noticed clearer skin and the hubs felt more energized.  The pills are easy enough to take. So if you're looking for a healthy/easy cleanse system check this one out. I believe
it's available at Sephora exclusively. 
Have you tried any cleanses lately? You know I love your recommendations for healthy alternatives!



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