Friday, May 22, 2015

Office Gallery Wall

I've been working on my office space this week. I've had to get very creative 
with space and organizing my crafts, stationary, Glameratti supplies, etc.  
I once had a room to myself, but we've had to re-organize the spare room for guests. 
My beautiful prints and art have been stored away out of sight for some time now. 
So I am so happy to have my creative space again. 
It really does make a difference to have a little space for yourself that makes you feel 
inspired and creative. 
Being a mom, I think sometimes we push that need to the back of our priorities, 
but in my opinion, it actually helps us be a better mom! 
Anyway, here is my gallery wall and I love it! Now, I've got to tackle the desk!
 I will share more pics as I progress. Happy weekend!!



Hell Notes For Beauty said...

I'm 30 now and don't have any kids yet, but I look up to mothers like you who keep their glam and femininity. Your blog is wonderful, always providing tips to give life to small spaces. Thanks for all you do!

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