Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ombre Nails with New Sally Hansen Collection

I'm always drawn to sparkles and this new Sally Hansen collection of
sparkly Insta-Ombre nail polish is too fab to pass up!
I did two different looks that take only minutes for insta-glam nails!
 I was really impressed with the quality of glitter that applies with each stroke.
Many brands have glitter in them but you have to apply so much product that it gets
goopy and thick. Not this polish, even if you don't do an ombre look these
are great for the sparkly nail lover!

{Layer on Lilac, Copper Cap, Grey-diant, Gold Grade}

{I used Gold Grade for both looks. I just painted an exaggerated
tip for the first one and added a clear top coat}
{For the ombre look I did a light coat over the entire nail & then
applied several coats near the tip}

I also tried out the new Pearl Crush Collection which is a pretty pastel sheer polish.
This collection doesn't give as much sparkly coverage as I
would have liked with the confetti that is inside.
But it is still a pretty array of light pastel shades for a pretty pearly nail look.
{Lady Crab, Oy-ster it up!, Silver Scallop, Rainbow Fish}

XO- Taj


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