Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pregnancy Favorites

Happy July! I wanted to share some of my pregnancy favorites so far.
My first trimester was rough, I was terribly sick most of the time with 
nausea and fatigue. I wish I was one of those people who have an easy breezy 
pregnancy and everything is peaches! But, for me, I really was thankful for 
my ipad and being able to watch youtube, etc. since all I felt like doing was laying down! 
And with a 2 year old that is no easy feat!! I'm just glad that rough patch is over now 
and I'm feeling like myself again. So a few things that I have
been loving are here and I will probably do one every month. 
I'm 26 weeks and getting bigger every week! I'm super into nesting and I organize,
 decorate and declutter all the time! Anyway, let me get to the favs already!

First is my water bottle with diffuser to which I add fruit and mint, cucumbers, 
anything to make my water taste refreshing.
 I haven't been able to drink water on its own, it makes me sick
so this has helped a lot. 

Shea Moisture  Body Lotion w/Frankincense and Myrrh
This stuff smells amazing! I love this brand anyway, so when I was looking 
for a natural, organic product for my skin, I was really happy to find this. It's 
super moisturizing and it absorbs quickly. I slather on right before bed and the smell
is so relaxing!

Epsom Salt
I use this in my bath once or twice a week. Epsom salt has many 
benefits to your health and one of them, that is safe during pregnancy is 
that it detoxifies thru your skin, pulling any toxins out. 
It also reduces inflammation and helps with soothing swollen feet. 
Of course, talk to your own doctor if you are pregnant as every pregnancy is different! 

The next two products are from the line Belli which was formulated with
pregnant women in mind.  They are free of yuckies and safe for mom and baby.
They are actually ob/gyn recommended! I have tried several products,
 but my two favorites are the Belli Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator.
It has vitamin c, grape seed and chamomile to name
a few ingredients. I use this every night along with 
the Belli Eye Brightening Cream which has 
vitamin k and is very moisturizing. 
I've been using both of these during 
my whole pregnancy and love them! 

I've also been using a Sonic Care toothbrush because my gums were
getting super tender and I was afraid of getting pregnancy gingivitis which
is very common. But this has helped keep my teeth and gums super healthy.
I can't imagine ever going back to a regular toothbrush! We got ours at
Costco, they have great deals on them if you are interested.

Last beauty item is the Organic Skincare Doctor Virgin Olive Oil 
Face Scrub. I use this in the bath at night a few times a week. It has all
natural ingredients and leaves my skin really soft and moisturized. 
This isn't a scrub for removing makeup, it's more of a clean face, then
scrub treatment. I feel like my skin has gotten a little oilier
with this pregnancy and this helps leave it deep clean but still
really soft and moisturized. It has so many amazing ingredients in it
and I have been really impressed with their products I've tried.
These KIND Maple Pumpkin Seeds with sea salt bars have
been so good when I'm on the go and need something to help
with my stomach or give me some energy. They taste delish and 
have 18g of whole grains per bar. 

Lastly are these silver Sam and Libby birkenstock style shoes
from Target. I said never in a million years! Would you catch me 
in those style of shoes! But, they are super comfy during pregnancy
and I love the silver which glams them up! They actually look
cute with shorts! Never say never!! 

That's it for now, hope if you are pregnant you will share your 
favorites with me!
Xo -Taj


Esther Espino said...

Thanks for the review amiga! I'm not pregnant but I'm sure I can still use these products! You're do in g a fantastic job! Keep it up and congrats on your pregnancy! Xoxo Esther

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