Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY Glitter Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Alaia and I made this super easy and fabulous tree today for Christmas!
It's so fun and inexpensive to make with a child that I wanted to share with you too!
You may have most of this stuff around the house, like cotton balls and Elmer's glue!
We used some plastic pearls and beads that was like $2 at Walmart. A tree foam from $1 Store,
some pom poms from Michael's and glitter from Michael's.  Also,
we used a beaded necklace for garland that was from a baby shower left over! 
This is where you can get really creative though and use whatever supplies you have around.

Step One:  
Add glue to cotton and fill in tree.

So cute! It looks like cotton candy clouds!

Step Two:
Spray some glue adhesive if you have to make glitter stay 
better, or you can use mod podge too. (Obviously you would 
do this step for children!)

Step Three:

This is the super fun part: Glitter!
Add it all over tree in any color the kids like.
( I think we had glitter in our hair afterwards!)

Step Four:
Glue on pom poms.

Step Five:
Glue on little beads and pearls to look like ornaments.
If you have a boy you could use darker beads in boy colors
or buttons would be cute too!

Lastly, wrap the beads around tree and that's it!
You can really get creative with these and the kids
have so much fun! 
Please tag me on Instagram if you make one, I would love to see! 
xoxo -Taj


Johanna L said...

Such a cute decoration! I love it ♥

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