Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hi Loves!
I wanted to share a great campaign to inspire young women and teenage girls to celebrate
the gift of their #InnerBeauty.
Actress Jenn Gotzon is behind the effort to encourage young girls
to give the gift of love to themselves! 
Here are some ideas of what girls can do:
1. Write it down! Focus on a word that you want to 
be like #Authentic #Noble #Honest #Gracious

2. Add the hashtag #InnerBeauty and tag @JennGOTZON
3.  Post on Instagram with what you are focusing on.

4. Tag your best friend & challenge them to do the same #InnerBeauty
Jenn hopes that this call to action will encourage girls to feel better about themselves
and shift their focus from the "mean girls" to their own "InnerBeauty"' instead.

Let's take the challenge girls!


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