Friday, June 17, 2016

Rompe La Routina (Break Your Routine) with NESCAFÉ Clásico Affogato!

Summertime is upon us and I am so excited to break up
my usual routine!
With running my own business, raising two little tots and right now 
we are remodeling some of the house,
things can get into major routine mode to get it all done!
Every now and then I just need a special break to liven things up!
Everyday special moments make life wonderful!

What better way than with a NESCAFÉ® Clásico™ Affogato (Coffee float)!
  I love to make a little coffee break
for my husband and I to share 
some special time together during our busy day.
Here is a delicious recipe for Affogato with
NESCAFÉ® Clásico™

1. Prepare NESCAFÉ® Clásico™
by adding 1 tsp to 6 oz.  hot water.

2. Add a scoop (or two!) of 
vanilla ice cream to cup.

I used coconut chocolate ice cream!
3. Enjoy a special moment!

See what happens when you dare to break the routine with 
NESCAFÉ Clásico here!

Another favorite treat of mine is iced coffee with milk and a touch of cinnamon!
So refreshing! 
A simple, but delicious way to savour moments on a hot day!

Let me know how you break your daily routine with something special!

 xo! Taj


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