Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beauty Must Have: Bioderma

These Bioderma Miccellar waters are my obession!
They gently cleanse and remove makeup
for face and eyes without having to completely
wash your face with soap and water.

You soak a cotton pad and makeup gently wipes off!

There is a Sensitive Dehydrated Skin Solution,
a Purifying Cleansing Solution and 

They are paraben free, alcohol free, soap free and hypoallergenic.
Each formula is enriched with properties to soothe skin.
I have really been loving the Makeup Removing Solution for Sensitive Skin.
It is so delicate and refreshing! Whenever I use it, I always follow up with a warm
washcloth because that is what I have always done and it leaves my skin 
I definitely recommend adding one of these to your routine.
Many places have harsh chemicals in their water that may effect your 
skin in ways you didn't realize. Like traces of chlorine and fluoride.
These Bioderma solutions are so gentle and effective!
Give them a try, you can find them at www.beautylish.com

xoxo -Taj


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