Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Keep Sumer Glowing w/ Mermaid Mousse from Million Dollar Tan!

If you're not ready for summer glowing skin to be over,
I'm not! Then, I've got a fabulous sunless tanning mouse
for you to try from Million Dollar Tan.
They have Mermaid Mouse Extreme for Face
that is a lovely dark tan that goes on tinted.
I love the packaging! Of course we all want
to be mermaids don't we?

The Extreme Face Mousse gives a deep, dark tan with Face Firm Age 
Defense Super Pack which is supposed to lift, firm and tone skin!
A tanner that multi-tasks! 
It defends against UV and infrared sun damage, prevents photo-aging,
and helps preserve skin firmness and elasticity.
It has Gogi Berry Extract to tighten, smooth and firm skin.
Grape Stem Cells protect skin stem cells against UV damage 
and fights photo-aging.
Botanimoist™ hydrates skin with a moisture complex
extracted from dried apples.
 There is a Dry Oil Shimmer called All That Shimmers 
that has a nice golden glow to it.
One pump goes a long way!
As you can see in the picture below it left a 
beautiful shimmer to my skin.
 The Shimmer comes with a convenient pump and ample bottle to
last a very long time! It applies very silky and oily as the first 
ingredient is mineral oil. As you know, I am not a fan of mineral oil
as it is not a clean beauty ingredient, so as much as I love some of the other ingredients
like sweet almond oil and safflower oil, I personally won't be using this product.
If they remove the mineral oil and replace with another healthy oil then I would
definitely recommend!
The Mermaid Mousse Extreme Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion 
gives a deep, dark natural looking tan. 
It comes out in a foam tinted tan color.
It applies with the hand mitt flawlessly.
The color payoff is great and is not orange, uneven or sticky.
I found it to dry quickly with a light coconut smell. It does smell like
sunless tanner though!
I love that the mousse is totally buildable for a tan that you are
most comfortable with. Even though it is called Extreme,
you won't end up looking unatural!

The formula is non-toxic (yay!) 
It has a natural formula with organic ingredients, even the DHA!
So it is safe to use as much as you want!
The key ingredients are Gogi Berry and Apple Extract for moisture and
collagen production. Sage extract, which helps lock in more moisture
and help prevent fading.
And Jojoba esters hydrate and smooth skin for a flawless finish.

I applied the mousse with the fabulous large Blend Friend Mitt and it
applied so easily and flawless.  I prefer mousse tanners as they 
seem to apply to the skin more evenly and absorb really well.
This mousse applied quickly and has a mild tan tint to it so you can
see where you are working it into the skin. 
Within 7 hours I had a perfect glowing dark tan!
It lasts up to 7-10 days.  Definitely love the application ease!

The Million Dollar Tan Blend Friend Mitt for the face and body 
are amazing! I've used many other mitts and these are the best
I've used so far.  They help the product glide on to the skin so effortlessly
and give a perfect application.
No streaky orange hands to deal with! 

Overall, I really recommend the Mermaid Mouse for the face and body.
The packaging is gorgeous and not messy with easy pump nozzles.
The mousse is natural and organic, it will definitely
give you a wonderful summer glow to last into the fall that looks
natural and beautiful. If you sign up for Million Dollar Tan emails
I believe you get $10 off any order right now and they are having a buy one, get one 
free sale!
Check out their Mermaid Mouse here 

xoxo, Taj


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