Friday, October 21, 2016

Home Remodel Update with Legrand adorne

We've been working on remodeling our home and
I am excited to finally have some progress to show you!
Picking out the lighting fixtures for each room has been a lot of fun.
But we wanted to update all of our lighting plates and outlets as well to
 give everything a modern and sleek look.

All of our new plates and outlets are from the Legrand adorne collection line. 
Their selection is totally amazing! Whatever style you fit into, they have
something to take your home to the next level!
We really focused on these upgrades for our older home to make it
feel more functional for our lifestyle, like adding sleek USB outlets for charging
our phones, ipads, etc. and a fun nightlight outlet for the kiddos room.

Every Legrand adorne piece is simple to install in minutes and instantly
upgrades the value and look of your home!
Check out my little video I made at the end of my post showing
some of my favorite adorne 
pieces and an easy install process!

 Our style is a modern California beach glam vibe. 
So we chose White Gloss Lacquer plates and Brushed Stainless Steel plates
 that are super glam and that feel both masculine and feminine.  
It was important to have pieces that will grow with
our home and not feel outdated in a few years.  
These fit the bill, and are exactly what I had in mind.
I love the quality of the pieces and the functionality.
Everything feels modern and chic.

This dual plug outlet is a modern Tamper-Resistant outlet with a Dimmer Paddle 

 (Mini pendant light over our bar area that is on the Dimmer Paddle Switch)

Whenever I've gone into high-end homes or luxury hotels, 
I always notice the modern outlets and fixtures, so we really wanted
to incorporate that feeling of luxe to our spaces.
It is an upgrade anyone can affordably do with Legrand adorne to add a 
real touch of customization and glamour.

This has to be one of my favorites!
So modern and functional!

(Hallway light on a Dimmer Paddle Switch)

(Dimmer Paddle Switch with Gloss White Plate)

(Pop-Out Outlet in White with Gloss White Plate) 

These Pop-Out Outlets are genius! Especially if you have kids,
you can just pop them back in the wall and they are hidden from little fingers.
I love that I can pop them in the wall an not have to see the plug holes either!

This is all you need to get started! Your adorne plate, the type of switch or outlet
and screwdrivers!

Check out the Legrand website for many options and styles of plates and
outlets for your home. You will really enjoy the modern chic feel they bring to
your home!
xoxo - Taj

Watch my video for an easy DIY install process!


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