Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year, New Outlook

Happy New Near!
We are back from a month of being sick!
As a mom, being super sick with the flu and then having
both your kids get sick on top of it is a trying experience!
I am just thankful that storm has passed and we are back on to good 
Health has really been my main priority this month.  
Feeling so helpless and weak, just 
plain miserable to be honest! I have decided to make
some huge changes in the way we eat. My husband 
and I both agreed to start a plant-based diet. We are
not vegetarian or vegan, as I find that to be different. 
We are choosing to eat non-gmo foods and as much organic, 
natural whole foods as possible. 
We have been moving towards a healthy path for several years and
many of you who follow me on instagram (@gorgeousglam1
have seen my juicing 
and smoothies, etc. But, I really need to go deeper. 

I've been doing my own research, reading, gathering facts etc. as we all
should about how meat effects our health and it is finally time
to move towards a plant-based lifestyle. 
 I want to share this journey with you all, as we can learn from each other
and live healthy together! 
I'm not judgmental about meat/fish either! 
I just want to save it for holidays or for a 
celebration should we choose that. I haven't crossed that path yet.
I'm just going to let it evolve with prayer. 
I believe God provides us with beautiful food and we have
to be wise in how we grow it, cook it, and consume it, that's all.

So in moving forward, I am excited to learn more,
change and share it all too and I hope you
will support us!
It's a big taking-on to say no to fast-food, processed food when 
you have kids and are in a rush!
But I am figuring it all out as I go!
I'm sure many of you do the same!
There are so many outlets now and I feel
blessed to be part of a community
where we share what works and what doesn't.

 (Sweater Dress, Faux Fur Stole: H&M, Booties: Steve Madden)

I've been writing a lot more this year and it feels good. 
Focusing on hope. Everyone seems so full of 
fear about the future lately and I just can't go there.
When you have children, you must be full of light and hope.
So we are moving towards that. 
Surround yourself with what makes you happy is my motto!
I hope all of you are well and in a positive space!
I'm always hear for you and I appreciate you taking
the time to come hear and visit! 

So be sure to look out for more as I share my plant-based
lifestyle! I have a ton of great books to share that I've
been reading so I will try to get that up soon for you and
of course my beauty and fashion posts will resume! 
Please leave my any suggestions for reading that you are loving
this month!

xoxo -Taj

 ( a stolen moment in the forest with these two!)


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