Friday, January 27, 2017

Sweet & Spicy Green Tea & Why You Should Drink Organic Tea

Hello Friends!
Talking tea today! I drink about 4 cups of tea a day or more
and I absolutely love it.
I came across a great organic green tea by Good Earth.
Sweet & Spicy Green Tea with sweet fruit notes, cinnamon and lemongrass.
Green tea can get a little boring sometimes and this really warms it up and
makes it exciting!

I'm sure you are aware of all of the benefits of green tea, it's loaded with antioxidants
that can help reduce risks for cancer and many other incredible things.
But what I really want to touch on is  he importance of drinking organic tea.
Coffee and tea are some of the most heavily pesticided/chemical fertilized, herbicized
 foods we consume.
 The pesticides are a dangerous health hazard for those who pick the leaves
and those who consume them!
New organic tea agriculture practices sustain the health of soil and the ecosystems.
Then we can reap the healthy, life changing benefits.
 By purchasing only organic teas you vote with your dollar to
improve your health and to better care for our earth.
Organic teas are not much more costly than regular teas. Hooray!
So please do make the switch today! Get rid of all of your toxic non-organic teas
and get yourself some delicious organic tea. I just 
bought some wonderful teas at Sprout's for less than $4 on sale and I stocked up!
Cheers to brewing a healthy cup of tea!



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