Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Switch to Non-Toxic Candles : Loving Bright Endeavors

Happy Love week! 
Romance is in the air and so is my Lavender Sprig
soy candle from Bright Endeavors!
If you haven't made the switch to non-toxic candles
what are you waiting for! 

I always have a candle going from about September to 
August...umm always!
I used to always stock up on a very popular candle brand
that would have 2/$20 sales. I'm sure you know who!
Until I realized they were giving me headaches.
My favorite scent was always the Evergreen Balsam,
as it reminded me of the fresh scent back home.
But not for long. Usually, I would get a little annoying 

All those unhealthy, toxic ingredients found in most candles,
were creating a polluted environment in my own 

Candles made with s bees wax and (non gmo) soy wax with
 natural scents are best for you.
They are an aromatherapy for your home and senses.

Many, many candles are made with paraffin and
some sort of filler oil (vegetable for example.)
 Paraffin releases carcinogenic 
chemicals into your home. 
The fumes can be similar to a 
diesel engine! Yuck!

Tips:  Don't buy $ Store candles or cheap
candles from brands like glade etc.
No candles with artificial scents,
gel candles, imported candles.
Lastly, that have a metal core wick. (These 
have been banned in U.S. but many
still make their way from overseas and are
not banned in other countries: Hi Canada!)

Anytime you burn a candle, do it in a wide
open space in your home. Not a small
bathroom or room with no ventilation.
If you do burn non- bees wax or non- soy candles,
try to limit it to once a week or less!

What I love in particular about this brand Bright Endeavors,
is that the candles are made by young moms in need.
All the profits go towards their paychecks!

This Lavender Sprig 8 oz. candle has
 30 hours of burning time! 
It's made in the USA and 100% of the proceeds
support the young moms who make them.

If you haven't made the switch to healthy candles,
please do so for happiness and good health!
There are so many great natural candles out there
a great way to give back too!
(Image via Bright Endeavors)


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