Wednesday, March 29, 2017

French Brand: Le Couvent Des Minimes

I recently discovered this French Brand Couvent Des Minimes!
They make natural skincare recipes that began in 1862
with the Sisters from the convent of the Minims in Mane France. 
They had a passion for aromatic plants and natural ingredients.
I just love French beauty so I am drawn to anything
that comes from the Provence region. These items are also available at Ulta!

The first item is a Nail and Cuticle Fortifying Salve.

It has Shea butter, Apricot kernel oil, Myrrh & Rosemary to name some
I like to have this at my desk as it smells so invigorating!
My hands are always dry from busywork and this is so soothing!

The Loving Care Body Balm is an original recipe with Galen's wax which 
helps nourish and repair skin.  Calendula extract soothes and Mallow 
extract prevents dry skin. It smells very floral and is super hydrating.

My favorite is the Botanical Cologne of Serenity! It
smells like heavenly lavender, with notes of mandarin, bergomote and cedar.
It takes me to France, transports me to this wonderful feeling of freshness and
Definitely try it! 

These little treats are all on sale at Ulta buy one get one half off so
now is a great time to try them out! 



Cynthia said...

wow! lovely read! and awesome photos. what camera do you use? Don't forget to check out this struglling blogger :)

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