Thursday, June 15, 2017

New at Target: Healthy Sunscreens & Fab Swimsuits!

Target has the cutest swimsuits right now!
I love that you can score some expensive looking
suits for around $25!
The tribal and boho chic look is still really 
on point this year and these three I scooped
up are going to be on rotation!
This green push-up style with coral tassels has 
a pretty fabric detail and the back
has cute double strap details. 
It has a very tropical vibe to me!

I am really loving this high neck style swimsuit as it covers
your entire chest and protects from the sun.
No sun spots please!
I love the detail on the hips too with the three straps.

How fabulous is this bandeau style suit!
So pretty and glamorous!
I can't wait to pair all of these with cute caftans or cut-offs.

For healthy sunscreen, I came across Pacifica.
There is a spray spf 30 Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen with Coconut Probiotic 
(80 minutes water resistant.)
It gives a sun-kissed glow while protecting you.

There is Pacifica spf 30 Mineral Face Shade Coconut Probiotic (80 min water resistant.)
It has probiotics and caffeine to protect and hydrate.

The Pacifica Mineral spf 50 Face Stick is exciting for parents with kids!
This is easy to apply on the go and not have a mess.

There are two spf 30 lip balms.
Pacifica Sun +Lipcare Mineral lip balm clear and sheer tint
in the color nude.
Really loving these so far!

All of these items from Pacifica are 100% vegan, cruelty free,
free of chemical UV absorbers, PABA, octisalate, octinoxate and oxybenzone.

The other healthy sunscreen brand Target carries is Bare Republic.
I've talked about this brand before and we love it! We used this all last summer.
There is a Bare Republic spf 50 Clearscreen Spray Sport (80 min water resistant.)

Then, there is a Bare Republic spf 40 Mineral Sunscreen Spray Sport (80 min water resistant)
and a spf 30 Clearscreen Sport Sunscreen Gel with a natural coconut and mango scent!

All of the Bare Republic sunscreens have no parabens, synthetic fragrances,
oxybenzone, octinoxate, retinyl palmitate and
are made of plant based ingredients.

So lots of healthy options now available at Target! It really matters to 
apply a healthy sunscreen for your health and also for the health 
of the oceans and lakes, etc. 

Happy sunning! 


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