Thursday, July 13, 2017

New: Healthy Healing Sprays by Purequosa

Ever want an easy, healthy way to protect you and your family 
from all the germs and illness out there?
Purequosa is a safe, organic and natural way to sanitize your hands and 
 to keep you healthy!
This little bottle is filled with colloidal silver, which has a powerful ability
to naturally limit the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Amazing right!
colloidal silver has been used for centuries as an effective anti-bacterial.

Each bottle also contains organic hydrosols, which are the healing waters 
from plant essential oils.  

There are different blends, for example I have the Rain, Coastal and Desert blends.
The Coastal blend has the colloidal silver, organic plant hydrosols: Yucca for healing wounds and preventing skin damage, Eucalyptus for antibacterial and deodorizing and sage oil which disinfects and restores skin.
There are no harmful chemicals either!
These are great to have on the go and spray yourself and the kiddos, 
to have at your desk, while traveling, or in your yoga bag!
Also, if you are feeling down with the flu or cold, you can spray yourself to
help combat and heal!
I like that I can spray it on the kids before and after their 
sports classes or if they go to a play area!
The Purequosa travel size retails for about $4.95! so it's healthy and affordable!
Find out more about the unique formula blends and uses 

Have a blessed one!


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