Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Soiree Ideas

Summer is shinning strong and that means there
is still plenty of time to plan a little soiree with 
friends and family!
I've got some simple tips to help you get your creative 
juices flowing! Sometimes the thought of throwing a party
big or small can be overwhelming and stressful. 
With a little prep, we can throw an easy, breezy, get-together
that is as fun planning as it is attending!

Let's think about what kind of party we want to throw.
For me, I want to have something intimate and chill.
So, I am throwing a Friday evening tapas party!
Everyone brings their favorite tapas dish which really
takes the stress off of me having to plan a whole meal. Check!

Now that we have our type of party, let's think of decor and theme:
This is the fun part!
I think a cactus theme would be super cute or
 beach colors like turquoise and blue linens.
Set some gorgeous tall candles and lanterns around the
 table for easy affordable glamour! 

For my tapas party I am going with an outdoor table scape.
 I love summer dinners outdoors!
I have this beautiful table runner that is inspiring me for my theme!
It has dark blue and turquoise ethnic designs and I 
will add lots of candles and lanterns.

I always love the idea of sending beautiful invitations for a party.
It's the little details in life that really make it special and memorable.
For my invitations I want something fun and cheeky so I chose this super
glamorous Charlotte Olympia design from Paperless Post below! It
was so hard to choose as they have the most fabulous designer

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get to our menu!
Since we are going to ask everyone to bring a dish, that means
we can whip up a few easy tapas that we can prep the night before.
I went with one of my favorites, 
Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Pesto and Goat Cheese!

I love this recipe because it takes less than 15 min!

1 Bag of organic sweet bell peppers
2 tbs of pesto (I use the fresh one from Trader Joe's!)
1 cup crumbled goat cheese or Feta

The night before: cut tops of peppers off and remove seeds/membrane.
Mix pesto and 1 cup cheese in bowl (reserve a little for topping)
Stuff peppers with mixture. Cover and store in fridge until party.
Or put them directly in oven safe dish and put
under the broiler for 5 min. 
Remove and serve!
I like to add a little extra cheese to the tops after they 
cook for extra creaminess!

For drinks & cocktails we'll stock the bar and also have a delicious
Watermelon Aguas Frescas!

Cut and Cube a medium watermelon.
Add to blender and puree.
Strain into your serving pitcher over lots of ice.
Add sugar to taste. Delish and refreshing! 
You can also add alcohol to this!

We'll have our music list on our phone set up to auto play. Easy!
Now for my outfit!

Like the party, I want to keep it easy and chic!
I'll pair some accessories that pop with a casual jean skirt and
a neutral top.  These shoes are perfect for adding a pop of glam!

Time to party! 
Hope you are inspired to try out a summer soiree yourself!


(This is a sponsored post by Paperless Post,
ALL opinions are mine!)


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